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How often do you find yourself reading?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bookstore interview

Your potential employer is interested in knowing that you are passionate about reading. Here is your opportunity to shine and share your love of reading. If you are a writer, be sure to share that information with the interviewer.

Basic answer example
"I try to read a significant novel each month. In between, I chip away at other special interest books. I like to be up to speed on current events, so often find myself doing further research after reading an article on a specific story."
Entry Level answer example
"I read every single day before I go to bed. I am an avid reader, and this practice also helps me to sleep better because it shuts my brain off from television and my phone."
Experienced answer example
"At this particular time, I am writing my first novel. The majority of reading that I do is related to research for my book. I am passionate about both reading, and writing."

View user-submitted Answers

How often do you find yourself reading?
I read a lot. I read some scriptures from my bible and im constantly reading new books from my favorite author.
I usually read every day, either in the morning with my coffee, or before bed. I often take days at the library to read.
When I was younger, I would go through a book a week or more. That probably changed in college. I still made time to read, but with other obligations I would say a book a month. Right now I am reading The Engines of God and Lies by Al Franken.
It comes in bursts sometimes, but generally every week.
I read for personal leisure every day and for personal education at least 2-3x a week usually to stay current with current events, politics, and to stay current with art, fashion and literary trends.
About every other day, especially now that I have a nook.
I usually read during leisure times because due to my school activities and homework, I can't really find the time to read. Most of the time I read to make my mind at ease. It makes me relax and stress-free from my hectic day.
Everytime, I'm a bookaholic.
I try for every other day, but I can't go a whole week without reading for two hours.
I read any chance I can! I love to read and write! I don't know if there's every a day where I don't read for a least 2 hours!
I read every day; during lunch breaks; used to read on the train to and from work; my colleagues always comment on how much of a book worm I am.
Often, I say if I'm not eating I'm probably reading. Its hard for me to have any frame work of time when I'm in a good story. Who wouldn't want to do that everyday.
All the time especially since I'm currently in search of work. I recently found a rocking chair and I'm almost certain I could stay in it all day with a good read.
I try to pick up a book at least once a day, even if I just read a chapter. I really enjoyed reading whilst participating in voluntary work with the Library.
Usually I read every night, sometimes it keeps me up to 2 am, depending on the book.
I used to read alot when I was younger, I would sign out a stack of novels from my local library and pour over them, I love books BUt now that I am in university its difficult to balance pleasurable reading with reading my textbooks and such but I make time a few times a week and I would say I read a few novels a month now.
I find myself reading very often, I constantly carry a book in my bag in case the opportunity to read comes up.
It is hard too count. If I see anything interesting, I would not like to miss at all; but roughly I can say that I read often; may be once in a day.
Being in school now, I am constantly reading textbooks, scientific articles and Lab protocols. When I have free time I am still reading several hours a week for my own purposes.
Daily, hourly. I never stop reading.
Constantly reading articles, I read everyday before bed time.
I like to read whenever I have the chance to relax. A bit of me time. I enjoy it as it is a nice way to unfold the day.
Try to read everyday. Last time I read a novel was in the summer. Not usually this bad. Looking forward to reading... This fall.
I try to read everyday online, I read the daily beast website - a good mix of politics and pop culture. The last book I read was China Rich Girlfriend. Gearing up to read Game of Thrones.
A lot of the time, during breaks at class, before bed, road trips- I make time whenever I can- especially when I get a new book.
Everyday, during most spare moments. I try to read three chapters per day, depending on the book and chapter length.
I frequently read. I can read up to 2 books a week during the less busy periods and up to a book a week in the busy periods. I am currently reading Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, and I am keen to go onto the next book.
Everyday, at list an hour.
Every afternoon. There is never a day I don't read.
I read everyday. I usually read before bed and sometimes in the early morning. I listen to audiobooks as well whenever I'm cleaning or doing chores of some sort. Last year, I finished 14 books a month and have loads of recommendations.
Everyday. I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a child. I believe that reading can not only broaden your knowledge but it also makes you more emotionally empathetic to other people as you read the stories and testimonies in books.
I always read when I can. I have always enjoyed reading books even when I was a child. I feel that it doesn't only broaden your knowledge but it can also make you more empathetic and understanding towards other people.
I would read most nights before going to bed, or in my free time.
A book is constantly by my side.
During the school semester it might vary from little to a lot depending on what time of year it is, but I read as often as I can.
To be honest a red a book avout a year from now. I dont read books often.
I read virtually every day, the things that interest me the most on books on history and biography.
Constantly, normally you can never get a book out of my hand. People around me have often commented that they never see me with the same book twice. Meaning that I read them really really fast.
Always, but it depends also what I am reading.
Reading is my passion since I was 5 so I read whenever I have free time.
Recently I have begun to read more- I fell out of it during college but since then I've missed it. Currently I'm reading the Beer Bible.
Daily- reading is my hobby.
Mostly weekly as long as I have free time on me.
Very rarely I find my self reading books, I do read online news papers but rarely and hardly books.
I read whenever I find time. I love reading and it relaxes me.
I am always reading! Outside of my English lessons, I make sure I read for at least 30 minutes a day and I don't feel like it's a chore or anything because I genuinely love reading when I find a book that I can't put down.
Every week at least, mostly textbook and sometimes novels.
I read twice a week usually when I'm free I read more then twice a week.
Whenever I have time to spare, I think of reading, pretty often basically.
I most often read at night before bed or on car trips.
Not as often as I used to. After I started college homework took over. But there's nothing I enjoy more than curling up on the couch and reading.
I read everyday at least one book I have from Barnes and Noble or one off my Nook.

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