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Bookstore Interview

25 Bookstore Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

Question 1 of 25

Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond.

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Bookstore Interview Questions

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    Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond.

      Display to the interviewer that you can do more than just the bare minimum. Show that you can react well when you see that your employer has a need that goes beyond your usual day-to-day expectations.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Last week I noticed that my manager had not completed the schedule for the following week. Some of the staff were complaining that they didn't have their work schedule yet. Rather than going to my manager with the complaint, I offered to take on some of her workload so that she would have the time to complete the schedule. We worked together for a couple of overtime hours that day and were able to catch her up on everything. It felt good to help."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I enjoy going above and beyond with my work. In my last position, I regularly called customers just to let them know that we had a new product coming into the store, or a great sale coming up."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I often go above and beyond what is expected of me. Most recently, I agreed to cover for a co-worker who was on short-term medical leave. I worked 10 hour days for two weeks so that our work did not suffer any setbacks."

      Anonymous Answer

      "I tend to be an overachiever and try my best with everything. I also like helping others in any way I can. I help my friends and family with projects and big chores they have for me."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Try a response that is more related to work or school.

      "When midterms came around, I was approached many times by fellow students who had questions on the material. Although it was important that I had the study time I needed, I also wanted to be a help to my fellow students. During the week before the exam, I carved out one hour per day to lead a study group. In the end, I felt great about taking the time to help others, while also strengthening my skills in leadership and coaching."

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