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Are you a reliable person? Tell me about your punctuality and accountability on the job.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bookstore interview

Assure the interviewer that you are reliable and can be counted on to work in a non-traditional 9-5 work environment. Here is your chance to highlight your work ethic and show the value that you can offer.

Basic answer example
"I pride myself on being reliable and going above and beyond in my role. I take personal accountability for my work and provide a great example to my coworkers."
Entry Level answer example
"I was raised to believe that you should be 10 minutes early for everything. My proactive nature typically leads me to arrive at work early to prepare for a successful day ahead. I am very reliable and punctual."
Experienced answer example
"I am punctual and reliable, indeed! You are welcome to call my references as well. In addition to being reliable, I enjoy learning how I can add value to my employer, even if it is outside the scope of my role's expectations. I'm someone you can count on to deliver quality service and a long-term fit."

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Are you a reliable person? Tell me about your punctuality and accountability on the job.
Yes I am. Because I am a mentor. The professor entrusted me to manage a class last semester and to grade lab reports which I did fairly well.
Yes because people can depend on me to get the work done and on time.
I like to think of myself as reliable, yes. I'm always on-time and available when needed.
Yes I am an reliable person.
I am because I complete tasks and duties in a timely and efficient manner, I go above and beyond in order to complete projects on time and to standard, and I come to work presentable, on time and ready to work.
Yes, because people can depend on me to get the work finished.
Yes. I take my job seriously and know that when I am scheduled, I need to be here at least ten minutes before my shift starts. I want my face to be a recognition point for regular customers, and establish a close relationship with people who come back to see me, because they know that I will do everything in my power to help them.
Yes, I can be depended on to finish tasks around your store, I love to get things done quickly and efficiently.
Yes, I am a very dependable person. What tasks are asked of me will be handled by me asap.
Yes, I love how people put their faith on me whether its on a job or anything else.
I'd like to think I am. :(
Yes, I am a very reliable person. At my last job, my boss considered me a very reliable employee.
Yes, I am a very reliable person. Family and friends can rely on to do anything.
Yes. Working with kids its my responsibility to be there. Especially since I work with young kids they are more sensitive to my presence.
Yes, I can easily be trusted. I am faithful and im a time contious person.
Yes, I am reliable in several ways. I am always on time for classes and my previous jobs. I follow deadlines with ease and am consistent in my performance.
Yes. I have done work experience and volunteer work in various environments, and have successfully taken on responsibilities and completed to them to a high standard on every occasion.
Yes, because the carabao cannot fly.
Yes, I am a reliable person. I enjoy helping my friends and family when they are in times of need emotionally or figuratively. I am a focused person and will get things done whenever needed.
Yes. My previous experience in customer service and retail equipped me to handle situations effectively.
Yes. My previous retail experience have enabled me to learn how to be accountable and to think for the best interest of everyone.
Cornerstone bookstore is a family run bookstore that is dedicated in providing Christian books and gift items.
I do believe I am a reliable person in the sense that I am very punctual and a very organised person.
Never been late for any job.
Yes because I have an experience to get things done effiency.
I try as hard as I can to be a dependable person.
Yes, all job that you will dictate to m I will do it.
What are the products found in book store.
Yes, I would say that I am reliable. I always take every task I get extremely seriously, I'm always punctual and I love a good challenge.
Yes of course, talking about you can rely on me. I assure you that I am 10mins advance on my workibg schedule and have a good face to present in the costumer. I can also make a good relationship with the costume specially to our regular costumer, about my co employee its not a problem i'll maoe sure that they will love me as who I am and as their co workers.
Yes, I am always on time and will do my best to execute my assigned tasks.
I am dedicated, loyal and reliable person I was with my last company for 17 years and hardly ever had time off for sickness I was always prompt and on time for any meetings and work.
Yes I am very responsible, I am always the one you can turn to when you need someone to talk to.
Yes i'm, because I am so honest at everything.
Yes I am a reliable person because I make sure I'm keeping up with my schedule so I make it to every shift and if you need me to come in one day I'll be there.
I am as I can be trusted with completing tasks in a given time.
Yes, at my last job I was entrusted with keys to the store as well as the liquor cabinet.
Yes, I'm a transparent person,When something wrong I'm always honest.
Yes. If someone needs anything I'm there.
Yes. I believe in coming to work early, being flexible, and a person of my word.
Yes you can count on me when you want work done on time.
Yes I could say I am a reliable person as I find it hard to let any one down, and for my own satisfaction I do the best I can to help or support any one who but they trust in my person.
Yes I am a reliable person, I am responsible and take things seriously.
Yes, I can be someone that you can trust and I do my work efficiently.
I am a reliable person, as before giving information on a book - I will ensure that the facts I'm about to give are correct. If I don't know the answer, I will do my very best to find out very quickly, or ask another employee to assist.

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