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1. How do you treat customers on special occasions, like birthdays and bachelorette parties?
2. How do you make a White Russian?
3. How do you make a Whiskey Sour?
4. Most people would love to bartend, in fact, if I make a craigslist post right now I would get 50 responses, why are you deserving of this?
5. How do you make a dirty martini?
6. How do you decide which customers to serve first when the bar is packed?
7. If you see a fight start across the bar, do you act or wait until the bouncers take care of it?
8. How do you make an Irish Car Bomb?
9. When you go above and beyond for a customer and they don't tip well, how do you handle it?
10. Tell me about the garnishes you enjoy using for various cocktails.
11. Do you enjoy socializing with strangers?
12. Tell me about your previous work experience.
13. How do you avoid serving to minors?
14. Why did you leave your last bartending job?
15. How do you make a Cosmopolitan Martini?
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