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Your drawer is $44.21 short, how would you explain this? What would you do to correct something like this in the future?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I would try and figure out what went wrong and try to correct that mistake. Any price that would be short, would be a setback that I certainly will fix.
It was very busy day guest left without pay Next time I will make sure all the will not leave the counter without pay.
To me, if that cash is missing it would indicate a bigger problem of misplacing bills and change. $44.21 is at the least 6 bills, that is six mistakes too many. Or it may be a single credit card receipt misplaced somewhere or that was forgotten to charge. I would go about what I call corrective action meaning I would figure out the cause of the problem and come up with solutions about what can be done to address the mistakes.
This seems like it would have to be a really specific event. Either I did a horrible job counting or someone nabbed it. But both are unlikely.
Make sure double count everything.
If I couldn't figure it out, I would just take responsibility and be more careful in the future. Maybe offer to take it out of my paycheck.
Make sure all tabs are paided.
Keep closer tabs on my drawer.
I would look at all the sales from the night and make sure that I didnt forget to close a payment or check my apron for money if I was missing anything. If I couldnt find a solution I would pay out of own pocket and pay closer attention to all incoming sales.
Double count customer change.