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When you go above and beyond for a customer and they don't tip well, how do you handle it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

If you have worked in the service industry before, you know that even some of the seemingly most pleasant people are terrible tippers. However, if you make a point to provide fast, seamless customer service to every person who walks through the door you have a better chance of getting tipped generously.

If the interviewer asks you this question, assure them that you give excellent service regardless of the tip percentage. When someone tips poorly, you just brush it off knowing your hard work will be rewarded, even though it may not be in the form of a generous tip every time.

Basic answer example
"One of my most memorable customers was an elderly gentleman who would sit at my bar every day from 3PM -5PM before going home to make dinner. He drank two vodkas on the rocks and had some great stories to tell. He always tipped just .25 cents, and I thought it was adorable. You don't know everyone's financial situation, and it was more important to me that he had somewhere comfortable to come when he was feeling lonely."
Entry Level answer example
"Not everyone is a great tipper, and others are excellent tippers. It all works out in the end, and I don't take it personally."
Experienced answer example
"That's a great question! When I was new to the service industry, this bothered me because I took it personally. I would think 'Did I do something wrong?'. The truth is, I knew I was doing a great job! Now, it doesn't' bother me in the slightest. I am great at what I do, and if a customer doesn't always appreciate my craft, that's okay with me."

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When you go above and beyond for a customer and they don't tip well, how do you handle it?
The customers an idiot, but there spending money to the bar thats who you work for. Dont let it get to you. Be nice to them don't show how you really feel, smile and say thank you and go on they might surprise you next time and there's always another customer who will probably over tip you for what you did. Dont you wish they could all be like that. :)
It is the responsibilty of the bartender to prioritize his tasks, when taking the order a simple "Is that everything sir" will prompt the customer to reel off his order at which point I can get to work, starting with the easiest working my way up to the martini. If my efficiency pays off hopefully so will the tips.
Just say thankyou and ask if the drinks were good or not?
I would be ok with it. Sometimes people don't have the money and will tip next time.
Discourage because it makes me think that I didn't do a good job at making the drinks right or it could be my service but it's okay because it will help me become a better bartender.
They don't like what you make, that's why they keep changing their drink orders.
Someone esle will make up for that tip.. ;)
I wouldn't try to take it personal, the individual either is cheap (in regards to tipping) or they don't have common bar etiquette (because they just turned 21). I will happily get their drinks ready so that they can still enjoy coming back to the bar. Sometimes, another customer will notice your hustle and tip you more for that.
Well it certainly is the customers right decide for themselves how much they will tip the bartender. I would probably review my service and interactions with that person in my head to make sure I weren't at fault in some way, but other than that, there is no sense lingering on such a non issue. I accept that tips are not gauranteed and that not every customer is a good tipper; as a good bartender, I feel I owe the guest good service regardless.
I feel good because not all the customer have a extra money and same time I did my job and its my pleasure to serve an evry customer I love the way im doing it.
You win some, you lose some. There will be more tips from other customers, you are still being paid to do your job and your job is to serve all customers regardless of tips.
It is all, Iwill put best of my service standards. It is ok if they dont tip me. Infact I will ask them to mention a feedback towards me. So that I can improve myself.
Just smile, some people take only enough money to drink.
That things like that come with the territory. I would try not to take it personal and move on to the next guest.
I would thank them as I hand back their change. They may tip before they leave.
Not terrible, a little irritated but always have other customers that I know I can satisfy.
Disappointed, however would still give them excellent customer service.
I think no problem, im employers there and that one of my job for serve guest so well.
Nothing out of the ordinary. It is my job to provide both drinks and hospitality, and a tip is just an added bonus if the customer feels generous. My service won't change.
If the bar is full, explain to me the process you make to get everyone a drink fast and which order you tend to customers?
If a customer gives you a 25 cent tip, what do you do?
If a customer gives you a 25 cent tip, what do you do?
Someone asks you to make a cocktail, you make it, asks you to make a martini, you make it, then asks you to pour a pitcher of beer, what would you feel if they didn't tip you well after that.
Wouldn't feel anything at all if they didn't tip me. Lots of people don't tip and that's their right. Tip or not, I have a job to do and that's to give each and every patron the best customer service, drink and experience during my shift that I can regardless if they want to tip me or not. Every patron deserves my utmost and gracious attention while i'm bartending.
I would keep my head up and continue to treat that customer with the same respect as the others. Not everyone is as gracious as others.
Some dont tip, treat them like they were great tippers.
A bit miffed that you were running back in forth for them but shrug it off. Not everyone tips.
I would wonder if I had done something wrong, but continue to smile and talk to everyone at the bar.
I mean there are people on a budget, not all can afford to tip. A tip is an act of grutuity and I should be grateful that they are purchasing drinks from us in general.
I would feel disappointed. I put in the effort and I assume I made the drinks properly, I feel I would deserve the tip. However, there is nothing I can do about it.
Of course I would be upset. However, it would never ruin my night or affect my performance.
I would not be mad or frustrated it would be more of a how can I improve to get a tip next time.
Upset, but it is what it is.
Tipping is optional, not a requirement.
Tipping is up to the guest.
Tipping is not mandatory, I smile and tell them enjoy your drinks.
I probably did not make the drinks to their liking. Or maybe they are just and broke.
I would be very disappointed, but just move on...
Comes with the territory.
No, it is all based on personal preference and not always as a review of my service, I would simply smile and say thank you.
Disappointed but I would move on to next customer and not give it another thought.
Not surprised, no standard for bartending as opposed to fine dining.
You win some you lose some.
Its not about the tip is about the service.
Take the good with the bad.
I would be frustrated but would not dwell on it. There are people that are like that out there, I would just smile and and say thank you, move on with my night.
Its fine someone else who over tips would make up for it.
I would feel disappointed. But I have enough experience with this job to know that things like that happen. One person will treat you worse than they should, but often there will be another person who will make it up. Nothing to get too upset about.
I would continue to be nice to them.
I would internally be disappointed but wouldn't voice it to the customer.
You win some you lose some.
There is no written rule that guests MUST tip. Although I would be slightly bothered by it I wouldn't show that to the client. Who know maybe they'll tip me on the next round.
I can't say anything my job is to offer quality service.
I brush it off, maybe they will tip me at the end of their stay.
I would just appreciate the good tippers a little more.
I wouldn't be upset, because you do not see sunshine everyday, it has to rain at some point.
I'm already being paid for the hours I work. Anything my guests tip me is greatly appreciated but never expected. It does not change my attitude towards the customer.
It's the customers choice.
Well thats depend on guest I will never ask for a tip.
Hope that the next customer will leave a good one.
I wouldnt make anything of it. you're always going to have a customer that doesnt tip well or doesnt believe in tipping. I could be giving excellent service and they still dont tip well. Thats on them and I know that not every night is a good night and this industry has good tippers and bad tippers.
I would be upset but I understand it happens.
I feel great because I already make my customer happy and satisfied.
Not happy but bartending comes with frustrations that we need to know how to handle with a smile.
Nothing some people don't tip well, but I would definitely try to give them better service to encourage them to tip better next time.
Not happy but wouldn't show it.
I would feel disappointed but I'd understand. My job is to make the drinks and serve them, no matter the person ordering.
I wouldn't like it but, for every person that doesn't tip there is always one that does and you cant let that experience with one person define the rest of your night and put you in a bad mood. There are alot of great customers out there.
It is part of the business you move on.
I would feel like I didnt satisfy the customer and ask them was there something I couldve done better.
It's not the best feeling, but you have to take the good with the bad.
Tell them thank you, and smile, continue with business.
Move on to the next. You can't let a tip get you down or it will ruin your mood for the rest of your shift.
It's part of my job I will still smile even without tip at least I'm going to make sure he will be happy and comeback.
I never take it personally. I have been on the customer side plenty of times and can attest my self that sometimes people get excited in the moment and simply forget. Its not a big deal to me, I simply try to provide the best service possible to as many people as can fairly be done.
I am still happy as long they are happy with my service..
Oh well maybe they needed it more than me.
I would feel a little annoyed inside but I wouldn't do anything.
Just keep on moving and brush it off. Not everyone is a good tipper.
With grace, you did your best.
I ask the customer is there anything else I could do to better their experience. Otherwise I thank them for their patronage and tell them to have a great day.
You should go above and beyond for all customers. While bartenders and servers live off of our tips we also know there are people that are not aware of this and simply don't tip. At the end of the day customer service is most important.

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