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Tell me about the garnishes you enjoy using for various cocktails.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

How to Answer

Cherries and olives and basil, oh my! There are limitless options of ways you can enhance the appearance and the flavor of a drink through simple garnishes.

Give a few examples of your favorite cocktails with garnishes to show off your knowledge and expertise. Think about ways you can jazz up your average Bloody Mary. And what makes your Mojito so unique? It's all about the way you make the drink.

Fun fact: Do you know why it's essential to give basil a good smack with your palm before you serve it in a drink? This is because it unleashes the aroma and impacts the flavor released into the drink. Wow your interviewer by showing them your interest and knowledge of garnishes through basic research and trying them out on your friends.

Tell me about the garnishes you enjoy using for various cocktails.
Answer example

"I like to make fun garnishes like citrus and herb-infused salts for margaritas, herbed ice cubes, and edible stir sticks. There are so many fun ways to dress up a cocktail."

Entry Level

"At this point in my bartending career, I have used the usual garnishes such as lemon and lime wedges, citrus twists, olives, cherries, and spicy marinated beans. I look forward to working with a cocktail-driven bar like yours where I can experiment more with garnishes like Grand Marnier soaked cherries, and infused ice cubes."


"I enjoy playing around with garnishes. The last garnish idea I incorporated into our summer cocktail menu were house-made lollipops for cosmopolitans. They acted like a fun stir stick too. I also have our kitchen make candied fruit strips."

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Tell me about the garnishes you enjoy using for various cocktails.
Mint leaves, leme wheels, strawberry fan, dehidrated lemon, watermelon slice and so on.
Sugar rim, chocolate shavings, kiwi fruit.
I enjoy using garnishes beacause it makes all the drink looks presentable and with passion.
I enjoy putting flags on beverages that call for them hurricane (fruity drinks)
All the fruits, Tea drinks always get a lemon, tropical drinks usually get a cherry, or pineapple to maybe an orange, depending upon it accenting the liquor flavors. for example rum drinks like a mai tai, hurricane, or pina colada would get a cherry. Some tropical drinks I might add a pineapple wedge. All lime based margaritas get a lime.
I'd love to use a watermelon and lime as a garnish we can created any style of garnish with watermelon and lime.
Mint and basil are my favorite garnishes to use.
I like the idea of putting salt around one section of the glass. I also like lighting a flame under an orange or lemon.
Olives for martinies, orange twists for tequila sunrise. Lychees for exotic fruity punch drinks,
Limes and lemons and mint.
I enjoy sugaring rims of the glasses or using different fruits to make a drink look presentable.
Mint leaves, oranges, celery, sugarcane, limes, lemon, cherries, olives.
Cherrys, pineapple, limes.
Usually twists or cherry on whipped cream, lemon or lime on everything.
Pineapple with pineapple leafs and red cherry.
I like the look of a twist, I was instructed to twist the oil into the glass then rub the yellow part of the lemon around the rim.
I love using oranges, pineapple and cherrys for the more beachy type of cocktails. Olives for my dirty/dry martinies. Then limes for most drinks.
Lemon, lime wheels, citrus peels, expresso beans.
Margarita lime, hurricane cherry orange, long island lemon, dirty martini olive.
Lemon peel, wedgesa, orange, pine apple, cucmber.
I love lemon and lime wedges for my cocktail. I also enjoy pineapple slices and orange slices for my daiquiri drinks. I garnish almost everything with a cherry.
Orange peel, strawberry and ice cubes with slices of fruits.
Pineapples, oranges, cherries, lemon, lime, Sugar, salt, chocolate, apples.
Cream - exciting to drink throu.
Bacon in a Bloody Mary, cocktail onions, strawberries.
Lime Wedges, Lime Wheels, Orange Slices, Berries, Cherries, any garnish really! A garnish makes the drink presentation look great and people love it.
For ceasars I like to use celery and olives, and to make my own glass rimmer with salt and various different pepper corns. A manhattan on the rocks ill garnish with a slice of orange and bourboned cherries. With craft cocktials I typically like to use fresh herbs, rosemary and basil leaves.
Orange/Lemon twists or slices, cherries, mint leaves, and olives.
Lime lemon, sugar, spice.
Sugar Lemon Orange Strawberry Banana Cherry.
Love to add cherrys to all my Manhattas.
Lemon twists fruists or syrups.
Mint, cucumber, all kind of berries and natural flavor syrups, fruits.
Curtis fruit, cherries, umbrella.
I like using mint a lot for the aromatics of it. As cliche as they might seem, I enjoy using different sugar or candy rims sometimes, as guests seem to love the taste and visual.
I always keep it simple cherry in sweet, lemons or limes for sour, and lots of pickles veggies for bloody marys.
Cherry, lime, orange wheel, pineapple, lemons, olives.
Olives, pearl onions, twists and cherries for martinis and manhattans, orange, maraschino cherries, pineapples, lime and lemon wedges, cucumbers, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes for specialty drinks.
Celery for a caesar is a must, lemon in everything.
Orange peel then flame its zest amazing.
I really enjoy cherries, lemon or lime twists, orange slices and olives. They add the finishing touch to the cocktail. It wouldnt be the same if you didnt add them.
I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, jalapenos, pineapple leaves are all "different" garnishes and they add a lot of character and appeal to a drink.
Lime, cherries, pineapples, jalepenos, olives, oranges, cocktail onions, pickles.
Orange zest, lemon twist, rosemary.
Pickled asparagus for bloody marys.
That could run into volumes, but a favorite of mine is to take two wheels, lime, cucumber, etc, slice them to the 1/2 way point, then splice the two together to form the outling of a orb or ball. place this in the empty martini glass upright. then when you pour and straing the cocktail int the glass the garnish suddenly will float and tip over and become a pinwheel or paddle wheel spinning in the drink . a bit gimmiky, but it does add motion to something that generally does not have that quality.
For margarita use limes, old fashion is cherries and an orange slice, lemon on water, olive, pickles, or limes for bloody marys.
I like using orange peel and I enjoy cutting pineapples. I also like using jalapeno garnish. It's cool.
Cherries, olives, oranges, limes.
Lime and orange garnishes tend to give most drinks a finishing touch, and a fine accent to s well made drink.
I like to use what ever fresh fruit is available, oranges lime strawberries.
I enjoy simple yet sophisticated garnishes making sure they suit and complement the drink.
I love using all types of garnishes for drinks. This is ultimately the time to get really creative. Typically cherry, lemons, limes are your basic garnishes but nuts, candies, and summer fruits like kiwi and watermelon can be fun and tasty too!!!
Favorite garnish is the cucumber in chilled shot of gin, or in a suffering bastard. It is an example of a garnish that is indispensable in reaching a certain flavor profile. I also like to use the center of the pineapple that is tough yet flavorful for a garnish in pint glass.
I would like to use orange slice an some lemon peel.
Limes for drinks with tonic and margaritas, flags with orange/cherry for sweet & sour drinks and tropical drinks, lemon wedge for long island drinks,
Lemon twist, cherries and cocoa on specialty coffee.
Cucumber, mint, fresh limes and lemons.
I love fresh strawberries lime wheels and olives.
I enjoy adding more than one garnish. For me personally I enjoy eating that nice piece of fruit and I tend to usually ask for extra.
Fresh fruit, flower, mint, lemon.
Olive Onion, Orange, Pineapple, Cherry, Cucumber, Lime and lemon, strawberry,
Lemon wedge, lemon slice, Orange slice, cherry. Olives. Coffee beans.
Orange, lime, lemon slices. Lemon twists. Orange spirals. Cherries.
Lemon twist, cherry, rim of salt, and olive are my favorites.
Cherry for whiskey sour and apple martini, and onions for vodka gibson.
Olives, pineapple, cherry, lemon, lime, orange.
Limes, lemons, straberries, oranges, cherries, olives.

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