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Most people would love to bartend, in fact, if I make a craigslist post right now I would get 50 responses, why are you deserving of this?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have been working as a waiter then I got promoted as a bartender which gave me confidence.
I made the effort to learn how to professionally bartend. I am very personable and customer service oriented. I am a hard worker and you would have no regrets in hiring me.
Because this my passion and I have my own special cocktail creation that in sure people will love it..
I am very good with customers I am really service oriented and I feel like bartending is an artform and I'm an actress and actresses make the best bartenders.
I think that I deserve this job because my personality. I understand that I do not have extensive experience bartending but I have alot of energy and a great personality. I have the ability to bring in a lot of customers because of the friends I have that live downtown. I have made friends in the past two years with promoters of clubs and some of these people I have met are very close friends.
Dedicated trusty bartender.
I have the theoretical teaching along with business skills, I am hard working, innovative. SKills can be taught perosnality can not. I have the personality for this job.
Because of my personality and skills.
I have the experience and attitude to be a bartender her. Beyond that, I NEED to work and make a living, and when you need something that badly I feel you are much more likey to come to work, want it, make the most of it, and succeed at it.
True, and I am reliable, have a good personality, and customer service skills, learn fast and can deal with stress and fast pace environment.