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This is a coveted bartending gig. Why should we hire you?
Pressure is on! The interviewer takes a lot of pride in their bar, and they are not willing to settle for just anyone. If you don't have the length of experience and an impressive skillset, you still have a chance. Think about your transferable skills. These are skills that you gained from working other jobs that might not be relevant to this one. Skills like money handling, customer service, and time management are all worth sharing because they apply directly to the job. Also, give examples of how you have gone above and beyond in a previous position give you extra points. Show off how you have proven yourself reliable and trustworthy, two qualities that can be hard to find in the service industry.
Answer examples
"When I read the job description, I laughed because it was as though you had written it with me in mind. I know that I am the best candidate for this role because I have three years of professional bartending at your strongest industry competitor. I am certified and trained in the art of bartending. I understand the importance of upselling, as well."
Entry Level answer example
"I'm a certified professional bartender and passionate about customer service. I am excited about the idea of creating a fresh cocktail menu, as mentioned in your job ad, and will hustle for the opportunity to go above and beyond for your bar."
Experienced answer example
"You should hire me because I am unlike anyone else you have interviewed before. When I started with my current retail sales company, I was the youngest salesperson they had ever hired. That didn't stop me from becoming the #1 sales person in the company within six months. I am dedicated to customer service. Since becoming a professional bartender, I have been wholly engaged in this industry. I am currently writing a creative cocktail e-book too!"

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User-Submitted Answers

This is a coveted bartending gig. Why should we hire you?
I need money and to get that I would have to depend on my job, I wouldnt want to do something that I dont enjoy or something that im not good at.
I am a high energy and positive person that has several years of experience bar tending. My personality is ideal for this job, and I care a great deal about a guest's experience.
Because I am great at what I do because I love doing it. Some people bartend just because with a poor attitude I actually enjoy it very much.
Because I came to you- I didnt wait for a craigslist ad to pop up. I did my research and vistied a short list of bar and resturants that I feel would be a great fit for my skills, my personality and that would benifit from what I have to offer; which is personality, fantabulous customer service( yes I make up words)( yes have a sense of humor, and I also have a great work ethic, I a team player always will to pitch in.
I have an very energetic and positive personality. I have a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry so I would not only be ideal for JUST a bartending position but I can be utilized throughout the restaruant as well. I also care a great deal about the guests experience and want to take pride in where I work.
I am a positive person and I feel I can add to your business by using my creative and positive energy while working. If a customer has a great experience, they will always come back.
Because I have the ability to engage and interact with others on a personal level and make them feel comfortable. I understand the difference between someone who is at the bar and wants to be left alone, and someone who is there and wants the watch the game and engage in a conversation about how good Louisville is going to be this year. My experience in politics, theatre, and customer service allows me to read people extremely well.
Because I have the ability to engage and interact with others on a personal level and make them feel comfortable. I understand the difference between someone who is at the bar and wants to be left alone, and someone who is there and wants the watch the game and engage in a conversation about how good Louisville is going to be this year. My experience in politics, theatre, and customer service allows me to read people extremely well.
Because I have the personality and a great hustler not to mention my business techs to gain customer relations and revenue.
I am interested in more than just bartending I am here because I am interested in brewing beer and using my skills as a promoter to help make some big things happen here.
I have plenty of expierience and have grown up in this neighborhood my entire life and would love to give back and give it my all.
Cause im is profesional, personable, im higher , disipline.
I am a dedicated employee that will always work to my best abilities.
Tending bar has been my chosen profession for several years due to the gratification I received from the position. I love serving customers and enjoy meeting people.
Previous experience in bar tending and people skills.
I love helping others, I love the enviorment of happy people who can mingle with anyone. I love to socialize with even strangers.
Reliable, Always on time, friendly, outgoing, I posses eight years of experience and I have a passion for what I do.
I am positive, eager to learn, and realistic about what the job entails. I like am a dedicated worker and enjoy talking to people. I am an asset for your team.
I believe that I have be given a good foundation to start on and I have a thirst for knowledge.
Best candidate- expereicne. I enjoy the atmosphere. Bubbly relaxed atmosphere.
I am a knowledgeable, courteous bartender who has the potential to be an asset to the team.
Given the chance, you will find that I am an honest, hard working person who loves to please people with great tasting cocktails.
I am an extremely hard worker, and love bartending. being a hospitality major and wanting to eventually own my own bar, I care about my place of work and want it to prosper. I treat it the way I would treat my own.
Because I have the passion, skills and knowledge. And have proved myself in countless other bars all over the world.
Because I am the ultimate people person. I have a one of a kind personality and I love talking to people. I make great drinks and people love to come see me so I would increase business.
I have unique experience in a high volume high stress bar.
My proffessional conduct and knownlege.
Because I have the necessary skills to do so. Everyone would probably also like to work in clubs or be dancers or singers. But not everyone has the skills. I am polite, charming, enjoy talking and meeting new people. I am social and have a broad knowledge or wines and beer. And I love food! nothing goes better with food then a great drink! Its sometimes the simple things that can make someones day. I want to give them that service.
I made the effort to learn how to professionally bartend. I am very personable and customer service oriented. I am a hard worker and you would have no regrets in hiring me.
I am very hard working, loyal, straight forward, and reliant. I have good attitude and set of skills that I would like to bring to the table and that can contribute to this establishments growth.
Fast, clean, experienced.
I am funny outgoing love talking to people.
True, and I am reliable, have a good personality, and customer service skills, learn fast and can deal with stress and fast pace environment.
Because I have alot of experience im great with people and I work in a very fast paced and im sufficient.
I am a hard worker and am great with people, reliable.
I'm a hard worker that is great at multitasking and providing the best customer service as possible.
I am deserving of this because what I lack in experience I make up for in personality, drive, ambition and respect for yout particular establishment. I like __, __ and __ and would consider it a privilege to work here.
I am passionate, quick to learn and extremely social.
Experience, easy to get along with,
They will not have the same knowledge, hard work ethic, determination, dedication and enthusiasm that I do!
Because I am a fully bilingual which means I can assist all of the costumers also I am very polite and professional I am a fast learner and proper always on time and whiling to work over time.
Because im very good with people you can serve a coctailanywhere but everyonedoes not have my personality and charm.
I'm a great people person. I'm intuitive. I understand people and care. I'm quick. I have integrity and care about making good tasting cocktails. I work hard and always strive to improve myself. I'm open to criticism and improvement and I'm easy to get along with. Most everyone loves me unless they don't like really nice people.
In the last year I have established myself as a great bartender in my current location and moved my way into working the 3 slowest shift of the week to the 4 busiest shifts of the week while increasing sales by 300% from the previous year.
I always look for ways to improve myself, to learn more about beers, wines, and spirits. I'm excellent at training new staff, and I'm skilled at what I do.
Because of my personality and skills.
I'm hardworking and have years of experience and knowledge and have a passion for cocktails and want to learn even more about spirits.
I have been working as a waiter then I got promoted as a bartender which gave me confidence.
I have the skills, im great with guests, I have the drive.
I feel this position would help me hone in on my communication skills as well as customer service.
I think that I deserve this job because my personality. I understand that I do not have extensive experience bartending but I have alot of energy and a great personality. I have the ability to bring in a lot of customers because of the friends I have that live downtown. I have made friends in the past two years with promoters of clubs and some of these people I have met are very close friends.
Dedicated trusty bartender.
Because I have more than ten years experience in my bartending industry and excellent customer service.
I am competent for this position. I have integrity and always go above and beyond if needed. I am a team player and always accountable.
I am very good with customers I am really service oriented and I feel like bartending is an artform and I'm an actress and actresses make the best bartenders.
As I know my self doing bar tending for long enough and I do bar tending not just making a drink behind the bar but also how to make customer interested, entertain and satisfaction and I always make the customer excellent services.
I easily adapt to change, I am a hard worker and a quick learner, I am responsible, punctual, and honest I do not know everything but I am dedicated to learning what I don't know. Like I previously stated I am a people person I love to talk and try and lift people up. I have enough experience to know that bartending is a lot more than serving drinks.
I am dedicated, honest and a teamplayer not to mention I know my products.
I am loyal and hard working and I bring over 25 years of experience to your business.
Because I have a good foundation from class and very hardworker and reliable.
Because I'm young, committed, responsible, friendly, talkative, and cute. I love talking to people and interacting along with hearing their stories and making them want to come back.
Because I love entertaining and making sure people have fun and relax from a stressful day.
First off I have worked in a high volume fast paced environment, which was vegas. I have the background and experience in the field. I havent done it recently but I pick up on things very quickly and easily and I have found that I enjoy the pressure that comes with the job. It is very satisfying and fullfiling.
I am a quick learner and have amazing people skills I may not have experience other then college days but I am a quick learneer.
I am passionate about my job and I have a great personality, I am organized, can multi-task, and work under pressure, great memory recall... I have many skills that make me a great bartender.
I have a strong attention to detail, great memory, connect well with a diverse range of people, and a proven record of establishing regulars and delivering outstanding service. I would an asset to your team.
Hmmm great question!... I am a real bartender passion about what i'm doing and I will do I not just pour a drink a great them and give them new colors contrasts and flavor making the experience of a drinks a real pleasure.
Because I'm a hard worker, very reliable and am great with customers.
I am driven, and people seem to love my company. I work hard and I'm great fun. People come to bars to feel good. I'm a charmer, I like to help people relax and try to enjoy living, at least for the moment.
Because I feel like I'm a very positive and energetic person. I'm honest and attentive. And I think you would be making a mistake by not investing in me.
It's because of co insidence or may be that I was brought here.
I have bar tending experience already, in addition I have done other service jobs in restaurants that have built up a number of core overlapping skills. I can appeal to a wide range of customers because of my applicable skills learned at other jobs. Short term memory and cash handling skills from Keno running. Providing a great customer experience by making cocktails for wait staff and restaurants as casino bar tender. Fast paced work environment from barista work.
I have exceptional customer service skills and extensive experience on food and beverage.
Because I love have a passion for this plus I am certified and I am the best with people. I am also a great team player.
Because this my passion and I have my own special cocktail creation that in sure people will love it..
I'm fun, patient and experienced in all aspects of the restaurant industry.
I'm a people person, I love talking to people and that's a big part of this job. I'm personable and a fast learner.
I really want this job because I really want to provide a service that people enjoy and they get a good experience out, which is also why I am studying Hospitality Management.
Because I'm a very fast learner and I have great people and customer service skills.
Great personality, love to interact with others, I have many years of experience.
I have the experience and attitude to be a bartender her. Beyond that, I NEED to work and make a living, and when you need something that badly I feel you are much more likey to come to work, want it, make the most of it, and succeed at it.
I'm the best girl for the job.
I would love to be your employees it's my career starting job so I hav to join this company.
I have the theoretical teaching along with business skills, I am hard working, innovative. SKills can be taught perosnality can not. I have the personality for this job.
I am well-versed in the various different types of beverages. I know how to create delicious cocktails off the top of my head. I will maximize profits by up-selling drinks and keeping our customers happy and returning.
I am passionate about bartending. I love learning about liquors and craft beers, as well as wine. My specialty is tequila. One of my favorite things about bartending is getting to know the guests and knowing what they like when they walk in. People love to feel special and when they come to the bar and see a familiar face they are happy because that person has taken the time to get to know them. I also like to help people figure out what they like to drink if they aren't sure. That's part of the experience and what sets a great bartender apart from a good one.