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If your car broke down on the way to work, what would you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

This question is your opportunity to show the interviewer that you are wise and do not allow these unplanned situations to get the best of you.

Start off by telling the interviewer that you would assess how much time you have until your shift starts. Taking into account this amount of time, you would call/text a couple of friends or family members to see if they could get you to work on time. If they are unavailable, you would call for a cab, take city transportation, or walk depending on how far away you are.

Finally, be sure to mention that you would call the restaurant to let them know what happened if you will be arriving a few minutes late due to the setback.

Basic answer example
"If my car broke down, I would immediately call the bar to let someone know the situation. I would then call a tow truck to take my car to the nearest mechanic. From there, I would take a cab to work. I rely on the money I make each shift so, rest assured, I would not skip out on a shift unless I were hospitalized!"
Entry Level answer example
"My father raised me to believe that if I am not ten minutes early for work, I am late. I would be very diligent to get to work on time, regardless of my car breaking down."
Experienced answer example
"This has happened to me before! When my car broke down, I called a coworker who lived across the street and asked them to fill in for me until I could get there. I ended up being only 1 hour late for my shift which was a relief."

View user-submitted Answers

If your car broke down on the way to work, what would you do?
Haha walk.... No really... Call in. Tell the manager. Get your car towed and call a friend to drive you.
Call work if I am possibly going to be late and call a cab, friend or grab the bus and get there as quickly as possible.
Call and tell if I'm going to be late and make alternative way.
If I drove, which I don't, I take the bus, I would ring you up, tell you I will be late, call the emergency people and try to get into work as fast as possible.
Call asap then start walking.
I would see how much time I have to get to work. If I have someone I can call immediately I would make the arrangements and notify my manager immediately. If nobody is available, I would call to see if they have someone who could take my shift or stay til I get there and call a tow truck. (who usually will drop you off in my area)
I don't have a car, so that shouldn't be a problem. But if I ever came into a similar problem, I would immediately call my supervisor to explain, and call a taxi right away.
Live the car there and I will find the way to come to the work.
I would call work to let them know what happend, call AAA to get my car fixed and call a cab in order to get to work on time.
First of all I will call to my supervisor that I have got car accident and becouse of that I may or may not come to work or may be late for some minutes.
What to do with this queston into bar tending?
Ring and explain the situation.
Call a friend for a ride. Alert the manager i'm going to be late.
Call work and tell I am going to be late.
Call employer and let them know, call a cab if I have to.
I would call someone to execute a tow service for me and catch a cab to work..
Call someone to give me a ride to work or a cab and then call the bar and inform them of my possible tardy.
I take public transit or cycle to work most days. I never rely on a single route or mode of transportation.
Call the bar immediately to let the person you maybe relieving know what happened, ask who maybe sober and able to come get you for work. Worry about car later. Then call your boss to let them know what happened, what your doing about it and that you called all appropriate people and as soon as problem no longer has you held up, reassure your boss that you will call when shift change is done and business has slowed down for a second or two.
Call in on work and tell and explain the problem.
Immedietly call my manager and let him know my situation and then find another way to work and figure a way for my car to be fixed.
Call my manager and find an alternate way to make it to work whether it be a friend driving me or a cab.
1. Get the car out of location. 2. Call garage. 3. Phone in work and public transport.
Inform employer, and make other arrangements to get to work.
Contact roadside assistance to get a base timeframe, call a taxi or friend to complete the trip to work. should the math be impossible to work out, contact the m. O. D and try to provide the most accurate arrival time I could.
Call work and explain the situation.
Call my manager to tell them I may be late.
Call in immediately to let you know my circumstances.
Call my boss to inform them of my situation. Have AAA either take car of my car or tow and get to my shift as soon as possible.
First call you, tell you what it going on. Leave my car or have it picked up to go somewhere, then arrange for a ride to get there.
Call in and call roadside assistance.
Call manager immediately, try to find another way to make it to work as quickly as possible.
Call in and tell the manager or supervisor.
Call work ima be a little late and have someone pick me up and stay with my car.
Call ahead to let my supervisor of the problem, call a tow company, and find other means to get to work while my car is getting fixed.
Call work to notify them I am running late and will be there as soon as I can.
Call a taxi to get to work and deal with the car after.
Call work first then work on getting it fixed asap.
Call aaa get an eta and let my manager know right away and when she can expect me in.
Call and say I will be in as soon as I can.
Call my supervisor immediately and make sure that they are aware of the situation, then call a co-worker to see if they would mind picking me up, if not call Uber.
Try to get a ride from a friend, call work and let them know the situation.
I would call into work letting them know my situation and tell them I will be late and figure out what to do. I would then take an uber to my job.
Call manager as soon as possible.
Leave the car and get the taxi to get to working place and don't forget to tell your supervisor that your car is breaks down before you get a taxi.
Call to let manager know running little late.
I would call in as soon as possible to make sure they were aware of the situation and then go from there.
Call a co worker and call boss to let them know I will be late.
Call the manager working that shift. And try my best to get there.
Call work to inform supervisor on delay. Then get working on getting to work in another manner.
Call work and explain the situation, call a family member to drive me to work. Call AAA when I finish work or the next day.
Call and alert a manager immediately of what has happened. These things happen but you have to communicate them.

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