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How do you feel about serving drinks in a heavy volume environment?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

Can you handle the pressure of a packed bar of demanding patrons shouting over one another? Are you able to remember drink orders when they are consistently being shouted at you? In all of this excitement are you also able to have a conversation with a patron, give correct change, and keep a smile on your face? You must be a master of multi-tasking!

Basic answer example
"I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. It's a challenge, but that makes it more fun. I enjoy the energy and the adrenaline working behind the bar of a busy establishment."
Entry Level answer example
"I am well prepared when it comes to making drinks correctly. Also, my experience in retail and customer service will help me a great deal when it comes to talking with customers and giving correct change. If possible, I would love to start with a couple of slower shifts and work my way into the busier nights. Would this be possible?"
Experienced answer example
"The more, the merrier! Bars and clubs are supposed to be busy, so I am happy to accommodate the volume. I have worked as a bartender for many years, and you won't be disappointed in the quality of service that I deliver."

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How do you feel about serving drinks in a heavy volume environment?
Either you are or your not. Do not lie to the bar owner. If you are experienced tell them about it. If you are not experienced say if that is a problem I would gladly work a few shifts with no tips or bar back.
Medium volume actually.
Yes we were often very busy at my last job.
Yes, there have been times when I had to do full service at a completely full bar, (10-12 guests) as well as provide a service bar for the waitstaff at peak dinner hours. In addition to this, there were times I had to come out from the back of the bar to take a few tables when we were understaffed.
Yes, served 300 people.
At my last job, there always over 100 guest at every function, so yes I am pretty familiar sering drinks in a heavy volume environment.
I have several years of experience in high volume night clubs, music venues and sports bars.
Yes I am. 3 of the 6 years at my last job were working the money making nights. Thursday through Sunday nights I use to work and loved every minute of it. To me, the busier the better.
Yes, getting in the zone if half the fun of bartending.
Yes. I have worked for establishments that require grace under pressure while handling up to 100 guests and service professionals. I thrive under pressure.
Oh yes, I have never been employed at a job that was not heavy volume.
Yes I work in the banquet department.
Indeed I am, I have gotten a lot of practice being a bartender and barista.
Not yet, but I've been in extremely stressful environments and I've always had the ability to remain calm.
Not yet, but I've been in extremely stressful environments and I've always had the ability to remain calm.
No, first bartending job.
No but I am a quick learner and willing to learn how to compromise and work faster.
Yes I have set records in beers poured, bloody Mary's made, and shots.
My job fits 130 people and im usually behind the bar on my own and I can handle it with minor help. I think anything someone throws at me im able to adapt and handle.
Yes I used to work in a las vegas casino that hosted different events at any given time which brought in hundreds of people through the casino floor on any given moment.
Yes it's natural when you work in the bar.
Yes. Starbucks drive through, as well as casino floor.
I love it! I am just like the guests at the bar, I am excited to watch bartenders on a busy night to see how they interact, make drinks, and just keep up with everything, so I enjoy being on both sides of the bar for this reason.

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