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How do you avoid serving to minors?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

As the Alcohol Beverage Commission cracks down more and more on restaurants and bars, there is more pressure to stay within their standards.

First and foremost, you need to be extra careful when checking ID's! It may also be a general rule of thumb that you are cautious not to over-serve your customers no matter what age. Specifically, when it comes to minors, you will need to be consistent in checking ID's and if you're not sure, ask your manager or another co-worker to help you evaluate.

Basic answer example
"Times of fake ID's have certainly changed since I was in high school! In my current position, we do have a doorman who checks the ID's of everyone who looks under 30. We also have blue light technology to detect fake identifications."
Entry Level answer example
"To avoid serving minors, I would be sure to check the ID of everyone who appears under 30 years old. Do you have a doorman or any other way of filtering through customers as they enter your establishment?"
Experienced answer example
"I think it's so much harder to control minors these days! For starters, there are many ways to fake identification. Teens look so much more mature these days. Every 17-year-old girl looks like Kim Kardashian now. When I was 17, we all looked like Annie hahaha! I will ID everyone who looks under 30. I don't hesitate to ask."

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How do you avoid serving to minors?
No, I always ask for an ID until I am over a 100 percent confident I know the person I am serving a drink too.
I have never accidently served a minor.
No, if there is any doubt whatsoever, I card.
No, I've even double carded once they have gotten past doorman.
Absolutely not. I always check identification before serving, even if I know the person. That makes sure that I'm covered and the the establishment is covered.
No. I have had them try all kinds of tricks though. Once, a young man came up to me and asked for tape. When I questioned why he needed tape, he said his wrist band came off. I then took the wrist band from him and told him to go to the door and get another one from the bouncer. Duh!!
No never to my knowlege.
Maybe in Spain but its completely different to England.
I have. I didnt know they knew they were serving the minor.
No. I have my my ServSafe Alcohol Advanced Certificate which means I completed a responsible alcohol service rpogram.
No, I always check IDs from patrons that look under 21. I have my TAM certification to prove it.
No, the old "crows feet" test has served me well, anone who smiles and has shows them, no matter how small, has always been of age, any person that does not I card. they are almost always 25 or less.
Never, I am extremely careful to always check ids and if I ever think one is a fake or someone elses I always involve a manager after refusing the serve the customer.
No, I always card if I am not sure.
Never have and never will.
No, I always ask for ID especially when someone looks young or if their behavior is suspicious.
No, I have a strict no Id no serve policy.
If I have to ask myself if the person is in their twenties, I check ID. But to answer your question, not to my knowledge.
Never, always check ID cards before hand.
No typically the customers that come into my work are in their late 30s and older and if they bring someone I believe is underage I usually ask for id.
No, I ask for ID if someone looks younger than 65 years old.
No never I always ask for id.
No because I constantly asking an ID when I see my customer look like a minor.
No I have not, I always ask for identification if they look younger than 30
Possibly. I served someone alcohol once when I started working at the casino and during my lunch break the other bartender asked the person for ID and got the finger instead. I think I might have made a mistake serving that individual.
No. I check all ID's for authenticity and age appropriateness.
Know what to look for on an ID. Look at date of birth, issue date, expiration date. Look at the person and the image, paying attention to eye color and height. Look at the signature. If you get an out of state ID refer to the State ID Book or ask a manager. If the ID has been tampered with do not serve them drinks. If you suspect a fake ID ask them a question they should know, like address.

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