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Do you have any flaring techniques?
Do you even know what flaring is? Well, you should! Flaring is a way to entertain guests and creatively serve drinks. Have you ever watched a bartender juggle liquor bottles from behind the bar while he was making your drink? That was flaring! If you have no flaring techniques, this is something you can practice at home. Watch videos and hone your skills. If you want to stand out, take the time to learn cool techniques, like ice throwing or palm spins! Not sure what that means? Do some research and practice!
Answer examples
"Yes, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve! My favorite flaring techniques include the jigger tap, the tin roll, and the classic napkin drop. I am working on a few new ones as well involving flaming shots."
Entry Level answer example
"I am currently practicing the basics of flaring in bartending school such as the napkin drop and the jigger tap. I look forward to learning more advanced techniques."
Experienced answer example
"I love to play with flaming shots when allowed. You could say that my specialty is the Flaming B52! For safer and less complicated flare, I also play with the bar tools like my jigger and martini cup. The hinge cut is a fun technique to utilize while pouring a spirit."

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you have any flaring techniques?
I was in on the ground floor of flaring back in the eighties. my last position did not allow me to utalize the skill, so I am out of practice. but like riding a bicycle, a refresher and practice will bring me back to basics, from there I can integrate all the new things that have come along.
Yes, I can make several drinks at once. I know how to bounce the pour to the next course. I can even pour 3 shooter drinks at once.
I would like to learn more about cool tricks, just not perfected any right now.
High pour, multi pour, bottle throwing.
Yes my fiesty personality.
I have a very animated personality but no bar tricks.
Always smiling while serving.
No but could learn judged a bar wars compitition.
Yes I have a giant shaker that I pull out whenever I have big groups in the bar and I use it when they order shot so I can get other groups to order a group shot.
I don't have any flaring techniques, but I can make one heck of a drink.
No I just have basic bartending skills.
I like to puor high up so it looks like the customer is getting more.
I currently do not but I am always looking to improve my techniques and education.
Not yet, but willing to learn.
Nope, not that talented. My focus is more on being a attentive bar keep providing a welcoming atmosphere. I impress with the quality of drink not its construction.
I am still working on the flare, but I can do a simple well bottle grab that people tend to love.