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Besides making drinks, what roles do you think bartenders serve?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

People go to bars for many reasons, but mostly they are interested in meeting new people and drinking around other people. Sometimes they want to be social with their friends, and sometimes they need a friend. When this situation arises, your role is simply just to listen. As inhibitions go down, people open up. You may find yourself playing therapist with a regular who needs someone to talk to about life. The bartender sees and hears a lot and has a different perspective on people based on their observations. Think about your experiences on both sides of the bar. What do you think about the many roles of the bartender?

Basic answer example
"A bartender wears many hats, indeed! I am a friend, a therapist, a housekeeper, and a bartender - all rolled into one! The fact that the role is so diverse is what keeps me in this line of work."
Entry Level answer example
"I understand that a bartender will need to be many things including an ear for those who need it, extra help for the serving staff, and even a bouncer depending on the environment of the establishment where they work. I look forward to the diversity in this career path."
Experienced answer example
"Bartenders do it all! In my career as a bartender, I have been a server, a bouncer, a hostess, a housekeeper, a busser, and a listening ear to my customers drowning their sorrows. Every day is different, and I appreciate that about this job."

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Besides making drinks, what roles do you think bartenders serve?
Making sure the patron is enjoying their experience and always having a positive outgoing attitude.
Various roles. Food, safety, looking out for thieves, customer advise, recommending sight seeing, hotels and bars.
Keeping the bar area clean and tidy. Listen to problems, counselor.
Keeping bar stocked and clean, possible food server.
A bartender can make or break your bar experience. A genuine smile, an effiecent and friendly attitude, and a broad base of product knowledge help to guide the guests experience into a positive memory in the life of their guest.
Advisor, tour guide, menu consultant, entertainer, armchair therapist, dear abby, cheerleader, mother/father that cares enough to stop the fun to ensure your safety. even if you hate us for it. To cover just a few of the hats a bartender wears.
Cleaning, stock management, host, salesman,
Customer service. Cleaning service. Keeping patrons safe.
They are somebody to talk to, they are cleaners, they can be a friend.
We are everything, we are friends, therapists, comedians, entertainers. Everything.
Ensuring the safety of your guests.
Bartenders are shrinks without the college degree.
Bartended is not a back of the house job. Were there to make great drinks but also to engage our guests and make the bar an enjoyable environment.
To be a friend and listing ear to the customer, make sure they are satisfied and stable.
Managers, therapists, entertainer.
Bartenders are the party starters and keep the fun alive.
Clean, some entertainment, setting up closing down 50+ ppl.
Conversing with customers.
Customer service making their customers welcome setting a vibe that people want to stick around.
Keeping the bar stocked and clean.
Keeping customers safe and ensuring they are drinking responsibly.
Great smiling service, suggestions on drink and food.
An ear to listen to, leader in restaurant, making sure people drink responsibly.
I believe that bartenders are their own business and have to sell themselves to the customer as much as the drinks. I am the managers and owners eyes and ears when it comes to listening to what customers want and any new trends that are coming up.
Suggest trying menu items, know local area interests.
We r considered the entertainment we ensure that all of our guest s are well taken care of and highly satisfied. We are the hosts, the servers, and the caregivers of the establishment.
Hospitality and happy friendly service.
Cleanlines of bar stock levels checklists stores.
Great customer service and politeness.
I think they serve as a kind of therapist to people if that makes sense. After a long day of work people come in and relax or they come to have a good time. They want to see someone whos approachable and able to hold a conversation and I think by talking to them this is a great asset.
A good bartender is one who is always ready to greet a guest, accommodate to their needs and serve them with the utmost respect and professionalism. When providing service to a patron the bartender should always maintain a cheerful and upbeat attitude, be able to quickly take a guest's order, prepare the order and complete the transaction in a collected manner that's swift and precise.
Making sure people are being responsible and having good time.
They have to have a good decision making skills and managment skills when it comes to memorizing how many drinks people have had.
Promoting the club, bringing in people, customer service, making sure guest enjoy the experience, bar numbers.
Psychiatrist, friend, Information on other services, assist in other parts of restaurant as needed.
Customer service and great communication for guest and servers.
Customer service, listen, serve food and stock bar.
You are a great listener to your guests, you have a vital role in the restaurant for this reason. People come to the bar to unwind after a long week and they love to see a friendly, welcoming bartender who has gotten to know them.

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