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Barber Interview Questions

Ryan Brown
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Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about your training.

    Community Answers

    • "I'm currently enrolled at Emily Griffith Barber school. I feel that it has taught me a great deal about how to cut hair, in the regard that we have extensive hands on applications when it comes to accepting customers from the public. I have learned by mistakes that I have made and how to correct them from my instructors. I feel like I'm constantly learning new material and new skills and am willing to build on those skills."
    • "Pual mitchell the school -tampa dean's list and cutting loose sarasota protege program intercoiffure."
    • "Besides barber college I have taken classes on my own to learn more."
    • "I have the normal barber training but feel lucky to have worked under a master barber in a one on one situation were I was able to learn so much more."
    • "Being a professional in the beauty and grooming industry for over 10 years I have focused the last 7 of those years to mens style. I was given the fantastic opportunity to work under a talented master barber who has run his own successful business for the last 3 decades. Under his teachings and with my own craving for knowledge, I have been able to hone my craft as well as develop and maintain customer relationships with ease and a pinch humor!"
    • "I have over 20 years of cutting hair."
    • "I am currently at Great Cuts Hair Academy where we are doing a 9 month course in Hairdressing and Barbering. We have been doing clients for four months now and I am really enjoying it. The class is engaging and I love what I am learning. And, that I am improving my skills every day."
    • "My training was on the job training and I remember being very nervous and I was shy as I was cutting hair."
  2. When did you begin cutting hair?

    Community Answers

    • "I began to cut hair in November of 2015, when Emily Griffith was beginning to take walk-in clients."
    • "Started as a little girl grooming dogs and then moved on to humans in high school, cutting hair, color hair, up do's."
    • "In 1978, but actually as a kid I cut my dolls hair."
    • "As a kid, but legally in 1978"
    • "At a very young age, but legally in 1978"
    • "I begin cutting hair about 2 years ago."
    • "I was an teenager... Maybe 14"
    • "I have always been around hairdressing but I started formally when I left school."
    • "I began cutting hair about 5 years ago, when I started to cut in beauty school.."
    • "I have been doing informal hair cutting for a few years on friends and relatives, but formally when I started the course in January."
  3. How much do you enjoy talking to strangers?

    Community Answers

    • "I enjoy talking to strangers. At Emily Griffith, I have found that I make a point to start a conversation when I'm with a new customer because it causes for the cut to move more quickly and it's interesting to learn new things from people. I have also found that if I feel nervous, that talking to new customers helps me in feeling more at ease."
    • "When ever I come in contact with them."
    • "I really enjoy meeting new people and learning about them."
    • "Enjoy meeting new people that's this business."
    • "I live talking to strangers because I enjoy meeting new people and like to hear what different people have to say."
    • "I enjoy very much talking to strangers."
    • "I love getting to know new people."
    • "I love it, you get to meet new people hear their stories learn new things and make new connections."
    • "I appreciate everyone and respect their unique individuality."
    • "I am a very social person and can adapt to many different people."
  4. Do you ever want to open your own barber shop?

    Community Answers

    • "Honestly, I don't feel that I have the skills to do so."
    • "As a franchise owner when i'm retired."
    • "Yes I plan on opening my own after more experience."
    • "Yes, I do want to open my own barber shop."
    • "I have actually thought a lot about that. And yes I do."
    • "The thought has crossed my mind, perhaps if the stars align it may happen."
    • "Yes... Opening my own shop is my goal."
    • "At the moment I'm not in the position to I would like to further my career to maybe manage people or become a trainer."
    • "I may try eventually, but now I would like to develop my skills and learn by working in a barber shop."
  5. If I were to set up a seat for you tomorrow, would you be ready to start cutting hair? By ready, I mean well-trained and confident.

    Community Answers

    • "Yes I feel very confident and am ready goer a new challenge."
    • "Yes, if you set up a seat for me tomorrow I would be ready to start cutting hair and I will be ready and confident."
    • "Yes straight away I can't wait to start."
    • "Yes. I would be ready to learn everything that I can, from more experienced Barbers. I would be confident in what I do know."
  6. Tell me about some things that annoy you while cutting hair.

    Community Answers

    • "When a client does not talk."
    • "When a customer doesn't give me a lot of cues as to what he/she wants, during a client consultation."
    • "I don't like distractions that are not related to business."
    • "A few things, mostly unnecessary distractions From other stylists."
    • "As one things that annoy me are when people complain about getting their hair wet or getting a little hair on there neck but I try not to let it annoy me."
    • "For someone to stand rite over my back watching my every move."
    • "People sent plastic models so will naturally move around I would not say this annoys me."
    • "Mainly when I start dropping my scissors and comb :D But mostly nothing, if the client starts moving about it can be annoying but it is something that happens."
    • "People talking about cheese."
    • "I don't like when other stylists interrupt me about questions not pertaining to business."
  7. Tell me about your experience in this community.

  8. What hair styles do you dislike cutting the most?

  9. What is your best skill as a Barber?

  10. What attracted you to this barber shop?

  11. Who cuts your own hair? What do you like about that barber?