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What other skills, besides baking, would you bring to our bakery?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

If you are successful in gaining this position, what other types of skills will you bring to the job? Talk about anything you can do re: marketing, customer service, management, etc.

Basic answer example
"Asides from baking, I bring many skills such as social media marketing, scheduling, inventory management and customer dispute resolution. Are there any specific skills that you are looking to bring on in this role?"

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What other skills, besides baking, would you bring to our bakery?
Whilst assisting head chef in france cooking for a family in their chalet a child insisted she wanted pancakes for pudding instead of tart like the pther familym.
Cleaning, inventory, stocking, front end,
I'm good at doing the cleaning, answering phone, and good costumer services.
I am good at cleaning, interacting with people, researching and memorizing things.
Cleaning and taking calls. I'm pretty good at talking to people.

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