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What do you know about our bakery?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

How to Answer

Display to the hiring manager that you researched the company prior to your interview. This shows the interviewer that you truly are interested in securing this role, and that you find it important enough that you would take the time to conduct research.

What do you know about our bakery?
Answer example

"I took a lot of time getting to know your company through it's online presence. I am aware that you are a long-time family run business which is admirable. I understand, also, that you have very strong customer reviews online. What I enjoy most is that you give back so much to the community."

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What do you know about our bakery?
Everything is made from scratch and is high quality.
Well, I know that bakery all nice and neat an very excellent serves to the customer & employee.
This is one of the finest bakeries I know and I would like to be a part of its team.
I know that Hobbs bakery is a family run business and the 3 brothers take massive pride in their award winning products.
Great service and baked goods.
Creative Edge Food Company Ltd is a privately owned wholesale bakery servicing cafes, restaurants, hotels, caterers and corporate clients throughout the Auckland region. If you call us or order online, we can deliver the next day. Our handcrafted baking includes cake, loaves, muffins, scones, a sweet & savoury tart range, cupcakes, brioche & a special range of non gluten, dairy free and eggless options.
I know a few of the products sold and I understand that there are two shops on either end of the center. I know that you sell breads, pastries and sweets.
Well, you started around 2011 in this facility. Your employees are very sweet, hardworking, and dedicated to their work. Your creations are made from fresh ingredients and you stay up to date on what's new in the world of baked goods.
Some one told me about it.
It's good..... You have new product.
I know you make everything from scratch.
The quality and the feedback from the customer says that theirs bakery has maintain the same standard every year and has improved a lot.
I know some things but I don't know.
How to plan a professional production.
I found out from your add that you have great team and you are lloking for very fine bakers for your products.
From others talking about it.
Your bakery is one of the best bread distributor in this country.
I know that it all started with susies grandmother and susie had a passion about baking.
I've been to Blackbird Baking Company a handful of times since moving to Lakewood last October. Your croissants are honestly the best I've ever had.
That you make the best macarons in the city.
Bakery is a wide field and is one of the fast moving industries in the world.Your bakery products makes the company stands out the rest.
Thatbthey make sure there is always fresh bread and that deserts are made correctlt.
Your bakery is famous in city. And there are many types of sweet dishes you will make.
It is a pastry shop also with breads that is really struck the taste of every person. its a establishment that will be worth to come back for.
One of the best in the town.
I used to live in the area.
Your waitress is hot. 10/10 would bake in bed again.
Aryn Birch is the visual artist for Glam Dolls and Teresa Fox is creator for the donuts. She's taken family recipies and perfected them over time to make the delicious and stylish glam doll donuts.
Internet, when I spent my free time to search something new style in breads or cakes so I find this bakery and I am very interest with this bakery.
I know the bakery started as a corner shop but your business expanded recently to a shopping mall area.
I've visited here a few times and I still remember.
I think, I didnt know, because iLL never try, if im work to canada, Ireseached, what mostly like..
You company make muffins, donuts, cookies.
The bakery is famous for its macarons.
You guys get very busy, and make very nice cakes for every occation.

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