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Tell me about baking disaster you have had. How did you redo the recipe and make a good product?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

Everyone has a disaster in the kitchen, and that's totally okay. Discuss with the hiring manager how you were able to recover from a disaster while baking.

Basic answer example
"One disaster that comes to mind would be when I was asked to make a grain free/gluten free cake as a special order. I make the cake with almond meal, thinking it would work but it was much too dry. Instead, I turned the batter in small cookies and re-made the cake batter using coconut flour. I gave the cookies to the customer as an add-on for free, which they were really happy about."

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Tell me about baking disaster you have had. How did you redo the recipe and make a good product?
My cookies did not spread enough, so I cut out some of the flour.
Once I almost overbaked some brownies, but I was able to take them out of the oven quickly and let them cool. They were just a tad over baked but still looked good so I frosted them, which added moisture back in and they turned out great.
I stopped and evaluated the situation. I left a bowl in the oven, with it on, and the bowl melted. I quickly cleaned up the mess and began mixing a new batch of dough to rise, taking care not to let the bowl melt.
Hmm, well I made Bread in college recently with my friend, when we were mixing the dough, I added salt, not knowing that she had already salted it, unfortunately we killed the yeast, is didnt prove and came out of the oven like a rock. I learned then and there the real need for teamwork and communication, We remade the bread and it came out lovely.
Making strudel, too hot filling and too much, cool the filling completely!
Just last week I was testing out a new concept for a cupcake; thai tea. And it was trial and error at best. It was too flat to dark too vanilla, etc, I just kept trying.
The first few times I made cheesecake, I was too impatient with the process and had to start over at least three times. I put the eggs into the mixer too soon and too fast. But once I figured it out, it tasted amazing.
I re-read the recipe slowly and made sure that I followed it correctly the second time around.
When I first started I had alot of mistakes but as I learned more my products became better and better.
First time, my bake is over cook, but then i,LL try again, ithink is not better, but somehow I do my job, it works.
I once sunk a loaf of bread, I remade the batch and Completed it successfully.
Putting to much salt and I can double the quantity to make good product.
Add a little bit of the ingredient that I left out.
It started with my mother who wanted to bake a brownie cake for the office party she was to attend and she asked me to help. The first attempt, the outside was too hard and almost burnt whereas the inside wasn't quite done. So, by reaction, I made more batter and baked it at a lower temperature as to even the cooking process out.
As I know I din'd disaster, when I dissatisfy baking item I redo, make good products.
I don't experience it yet but if happen I have to recheck the product.
Well, once I didn't have any white sugar so I had to substitute it with other types of sugars. I was skeptical that it would turnout well during it, but the substituting worked well and I overcame the issue.
The sweetness and softness of the cake was have been always much of a concern.
I made my chocolate chip cookies for a dance event recently. I decided to sift the dry ingredients to see of it would make a difference and it did. Big mistake. My cookies where flat and crunchy. I new that it was the sifted flour. The next time I made them, I left the flour the way it was and they were nice and chewy.

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