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Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. What did they request?
How do you go over and above, to help out a customer or to meet a unique request? Give a specific example to the hiring manager.
Answer examples
"I had a customer come to me with 1 days' notice that she needed a wedding cake. Her original baker did not provide her with the cake that she wanted and she was very panicked about it. We worked overtime and went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that her cake was perfect, and ready for her big day."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. What did they request?
Sometime costumers are rude they ask for many thing but I try to make them satisfied as much as I can.
My creativeing my thoughts on how good I work. If I am fast enough.
Actually, this is my first job so I haven't had a lot of experience with customers.
Sometime costumer are rude they ask for many things but I try to make them satisfied as much as I can.
May be they request they want to ask about baker product.
They request about the fresh and good bread.
They aked me to bake red velvet cake.
Working in the bakery at ASDA we have many requests from customers, the one that sticks out in my mind was a lady arranging an incredibly large 50th birthday BBQ late in summer last year and another local supermarket had let her down on her order so she came to us at last minute, now I was the only baker in that Sunday morning and I had a lot to do however I put my head down and made this lady 200 packets of assorted (plain cheese and sesame seeded) white baps. She was so thankful when she came to pick them up. She was so thankful that the following weekend she brought in a whole cake she had made at home for the bakery team and mentioned us to her friends who also later came and ordered baps from us aswell.
I remember when a customer asked for a sandwich of ceased salad which has no anchovies and light on the ceased dressing though it was busy but I my self made it possible though customer was hesitating to ask seeing the crowd at the counter.
To be honest I havent faced such a situation yet but definetely if something comes up I'll stand by the customer's demand.
When I worked at West Point Market, a customer came in a few days before Christmas and needed a gift basket made for a bereavement gift. I took the time to go over every option to make sure the gift was exactly what the customer wanted, and made sure it would been a high priority to be delivered on time. The customer was very thankful for my help and tried to give me a tip.
A woman at a wedding I was catering at was a vegetarian and the meal we were serving that night was pork. I told her I would see what I could do. I talked to the lead of the wedding about it, he was unenthusiastic but that's not what mattered. We made her a salad and she was very grateful.
A customer requested a freshly made mushroom and meat pie so grabbed one from the fridge and picked some that were made in that morning, cooked them in the oven and handed themto the customer.
One day by 10 pm a guest orderd a 4 kg black forest it was our closing time I told the guest to come in an hour.
A customer was unsatisfied with the coffee we had provided him with. So he brought it back. I remade his coffee with a fresh batch and he still didn't like it. So I suggested if he wanted anything else. He said he didnt' care for anything else and he still appeared very upset. I suggested giving him his money back or a coupon for a free drink. He said he didn't want his money or a free drink.. So, I then suggested he try a flat white. I didn't want him to leave angry with a drink he didn't like or a refund he hadn't recieved. I told him I can make it fast and it's really delicous. He agreed so I made him the drink and asked him how it was. He loved it and thanked me for good customer service. A man had accidently put half and half in his coffee when he ment to put nonfat. I suggested making him another cup and he was very pleased and thanked me for my customer service. He had also asked for a knife for his bagle which I was happy to get for him.