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How do you think we stand out from our competitors?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

Your answer will help the hiring manager to see that you understand their business, you have researched the competitive landscape in the area, and that you have taken interest in what they do.

Basic answer example
"I believe you stand out from your competitors in a multitude of ways. Looking at your reputation in the community - I see that you are very well known for being accommodating and for using high quality ingredients. In comparison to your competitors, I see that you stand out because you engage with your customers on social media, and you are very active in giving back to the community through donations of food."

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How do you think we stand out from our competitors?
They all try to be the leader and I thing they aren't strong enaugh.
I don't believe in that. If we are . Good thing to know.
Anyone have the opportunity to interview this job so what I can say is we cheer together.
No, I haven't actually, though I know most of the shops around the center as I am around very often.
I thought that they were alright.
Yes I has researched this and I think we could raise it up more.
I have looked over other bakeries in and around Bristol and where there are many reputable companies with great opportunities yours stands out the most. The family run essence and your award winning products really stand out and I would like to be a part of that and continue to learn increasing my own skills and abilities.
I think not thinking about the competitors we should always deliver the wow with extra efforts to the customer .... And that's the basic rule of the business.
I think they are strong competition, but I feel this is the best.
Yes, for the every field of work there is a competetion.I believe competetion brings out the best in us.
Yes I have, your bakery is one of the best, but there are a few competitors selling similar products. I believe with strong work, and a passion for improvement and always finding the best things to bake, we will stay ahead of the competitors.
Their work seems ok, but I like the attention to detail & high standard of work your company produces.
I thought of them as having poor customer service, very rude.
My area of intrastate is bakery.
Yes.. And I think there a good baker and has a good pastry.. But I have a big confident on mine.
The main grain is special because all of your products are made from the freshest local ingredients. Your employees are also kind, hardworking, dedicated, and very involved in the bakery. In most other bakeries, employees see their job as JUST a job. But I feel like here, it's more like family.
I don't see a lot of French Patisserie in our city. Also I think it's the quality of your products that make you stand out.
What advice do people have for someone in this job, a baker?
By do more special price and decoding the Business place in each holiday, more social activity thought the restaurant .
I'm objective focused, an independent worker, I love working in the industry, I aim to slow up earlier and work to the best of my abilities to achieve the goals set out for me and I can adapt to any situation within a short amount of time easily.
By working hard and showing more intrest in work.
I learn very fast; and I'm very hard working. I'm the kind of worker that's likes to get things done and get them done right and in a decent amount of time.
The quality of the ingredients that you are using for your products. Because some establishments cost cut their budget just to make the same product but does have a different taste from the original.

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