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Have you ever had a rude customer? How did you deal with them?
In customer service, you will sometimes come across customers who are rude, complain, or cannot be pleased. Talk to the hiring manger about your customer service philosophy, and how you go about handling rude customers.
Answer examples
"I realize that not everyone can be pleased, however; I always do my best to keep my composure and treat everyone the same. If a customer is rude, I will ask them how I can make them happy. That will usually calm them down a bit. In some situations, I have suggested to very rude customers that they find another bakery who perhaps could meet their needs better. I am accommodating but also will not tolerate anyone abusing my staff."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever had a rude customer? How did you deal with them?
Yes, but iLL try my best to convience him, to smile and talk talk to nice to him.
I try to deal with him make him laugh or something like that.
I always smile on my face and I ask what their need.
I didn't I just told the boss who in charge.
Nope. I just tell the boss.
This is my first job so I haven't come across rude customers, but if I were to come across a rude customer I would be patient and just keep smiling, not showing any anger or disapproval on my face.
Everybody has a different types of nature but dealing withe rude customer is the challenge in the hospitality business the customer asked from us the thing which was not in the menu but on the other hand it was not so difficult eg he asked me the blue berry pancake which has the type of basted eggs between the pancakes I made it possible and he was very happy and offered me 10 dollar tip.
To be honest I havent faced such a situation yet but definetely if something comes up I'll stand by the customer's demand.
Working in many positions that worked with the public, I have had my share of rude customers. One time in particular, working at the Probate Court....
Yes I had. In quite manners sometimes but when my limit is over.......
Yes, I did have to deal with a rude customer . So I did claim customer down and as what did you ask again ? if he `s still contines then I will have my supervisor to talk to him.
I would still be nice to the customer to try and solve their problems.
I told him that it was my mistake and I replaced him his order.