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Have you ever done any marketing for your former or current bakery?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Baker interview

Do you understand how to market on social media platforms, locally, and within your current database? Talk to the hiring manager about the types of initiatives you have taken on within marketing.

Basic answer example
"For my current bakery, I have started an initiative with our current customers similar to a loyalty based rewards program. We also do e-flyers every Monday to drive business through the week. I have also set us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we do pay for Facebook ads as well. We have seen an increase of 27% over the last 3 months because of these marketing initiatives."

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Have you ever done any marketing for your former or current bakery?
No. This is actually my first bakery.
When I was a food server, I always recommend baked item to custom. R
Nope but am cratetivie, smart, love math, count number, s money, and counting back money. Stuff like that.
Yes both. I just love doing new stuff.
Marketting hmmm yes, till how much I can impress upon others.
I have never worked in another bakery before.
No but I would be interested to try that given the opportunity.

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