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Backup Dancer Interview

25 Backup Dancer Interview Questions

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What are your goals as a dancer?
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Why are you willing to take a backup role?
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What does a typical work week like?
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Are you a hard worker?
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What does your work entail?
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About Backup Dancer

August 17th, 2017

Backup dancers are highly talented dancers who perform as part of a dance group that usually included one or two lead dancers. It is an exciting role as it involves traveling with the dance group and giving performances across the country or even around the world. However, it does involve a lot of hard work in the form of extensive training.
Backup dancers attend practice sessions and collaborate with choreographers to get their steps right for a specific performance. Backup dancers may perform all types of dancers while some may specialize in a particular dance form. Anyone interested in pursuing a career as a backup dancer must be prepared to spend several hours a day several times a week training, exercising and attending dance classes to maintain a high level of physical fitness and technical proficiency.
Most backup dancer interviews are conducted in the form of an audition where you will have to give a dance performance. This could be in any dance form of your choice or you may be requested to perform a specific dance style. In addition, the interviewer will also ask you questions about your choice of career, whether you are familiar with different dance styles, and how well you perform as part of a dance troupe. At mock interview questions, you can find several more questions that are commonly asked at backup dancer interviews.