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Top Auto Biller Interview Questions

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Tell me about your experiences in this field.
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Why would you make a successful part to our team?
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What do you know about ADP?
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What dealership experiences do you have?
User-Submitted Answers
I have worked at 5 dealerships in the past. I was the biller for two years at Ed Schmidt ford and a coster at Jerome Duncan and colonial dodge. At Roy Obrien I handled the breaking down of deals and Secretary of State. Also I booked in new and used cars.

About Auto Biller

August 17th, 2017

Auto billers work in the auto industry. They are responsible for computing charges and preparing invoices for services rendered. The specific tasks that an auto biller does depend on which field of the auto industry they are working in. An auto biller employed by automobile dealers will handle invoicing for buying new or used vehicles. Auto billers who are employed in an auto supply store may be responsible for billing customers for the items bought.
There is no minimum education required for this job but you must be good at handling money, especially totaling up purchases and returning the change for cash transactions. Auto billers must have an eye for detail and have excellent communication and customer service skills as they will be dealing with the customers directly.

At the interview for an auto biller job, the interviewer will ask you details about your work experience to ascertain whether or not you know what this job entails. Be prepared to emphasize your skills and attributes that make you the best person for the job. Don't forget to also check out more mock interview questions to get a better idea of what kind of questions to expect at your auto biller interview.

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