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Tell me about a time when you sought guidance, from another coworker who was the same level as you?

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By: Samantha Hamilton

How to Answer

This is important because during an Audit you need to be able to rely on people around you for knowledge. If you cannot use the people around you then that would be a problem in itself. Auditing is a team sport so sometimes you will learn something from the same level, a lower level or a higher level. You cannot be prideful and think that you are smarter than everyone in the room or you will fail.

If you do not have auditing experience draw on an opportunity to learn from another part of your life.

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"I am constantly learning from my peers. If you cannot use the people around you to learn than your wasting talent and knowledge. When I first started auditing I was on a team of ten people. I did not have very much excel knowledge but these two guys in class knew everything or so it seemed at the time. They taught me so much and still today if I have a question I will reach out to them because they are always there to help."

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"I have no Auditing experience with this but when I got my first job as a waitress I was trained by my peers. They taught me how to memorize the menu quickly and how to multitask the tables like a pro. I leaned on them for their experience and knowledge and soon people began to lean on me the same way."

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"This is something you should do at every level. It is not just peers that can teach us I had a new hire teach me a few new things on the updated computer systems we got. He had just taken courses on the new platforms we were introducing and he taught most of the company the ins and outs of it. So only being open to learn from your level or above is a rookie mistake you should never make. Any knowledge from any level is worth learning from my experience."

Written by:

Samantha Hamilton
Samantha H. is an Accountant with a technology firm in Austin Texas. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and over a year of experience in Auditing she is taking on new challenges in the Accounting world with her firm. She has almost three years of experience in recruiting and loves to help people obtain their dream jobs. With a mix of recruiting and accounting knowledge, we hope she can help you land your dream job.
First written on: 02/27/2014
Last modified on: 01/25/2019

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Tell me about a time when you sought guidance, from another coworker who was the same level as you?
When I have a question or in doubt about a project I would as a coworker.
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