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Have you ever had a patient want to return a hearing aid? How did you handle that?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Audiologist interview

How to Answer

This question is intentionally asked to see how you interact with patients. Of course, you can't take a used hearing aid, but what you can do is find out why the patient wants to return it. Is it not comfortable? Are they not using it correctly so they feel it doesn't work? Is it a cost issue? Because of your ability to interact with patients, you'll be able to let the interviewer know that you'll take the time to meet with the patient, hear their concerns and figure out a plan together.

Have you ever had a patient want to return a hearing aid? How did you handle that?
Answer example

"I have had a patient want to return a hearing aid because it was uncomfortable for them. Come to find out, the patient didn't place it correctly after they left my office. After a bit of education, ​we were able to get a good fit for the patient."

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Have you ever had a patient want to return a hearing aid? How did you handle that?
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Yes, I would ask them why they want to return the hearing aid and then I would tell them that use of a hearing aid is a process not like glasses. I would want to make further changes prior to returning and see if they could agree to keep them if I could solve whatever issue they are currently having.
I witnessed this during my clinical placement during my masters. The client did not find the hearing aids useful and they returned it after their 4 week trial.
I would want to know why and maybe try convince otherwise if I can. Otherwise I would take the hearing aid and give them assurance that they are welcomed to be reffered back anytime.
Yes. Generally it's the patients that have had TB and the medication has burnt their hair cells causing profound difficulties with speech reception and recognition that the hearing aid cannot assist with.
No but I can understand that there are a lot of different variables which could need to be changed to help the patient get on better with the hearing aid.
Yes, I had a patient who stated that she did not wear the hearing aids because they were too loud.
Yes, we discussed the duration of hearing aid use and in what sort of listening environments. I then discovered that the patient was wearing them in social situations only. Advised on acclimatization and the patient was willing to persist and try their hearing aid again, beginning in a quiet environment first.
Accept it and ask what was wrong and how would they like it.
Yes when ATO but got audiologist involved. I would discuss with the patient what problems they are having with the hearing aid and why they do not want to wear it. I would explain to them that we can look at solutions to these problems and with their consent try and do that. I would try and provide them with reasons for these problems and counsel them accordingly. Ask if they feel ready to wear aid, review comm needs, difficulty. Anything we can do to improve situation. But important to still listen and respect their wishes if they are not ready.
Yes, due to the patient feeling the hearing aid did not perform up to they standards, But counseling the patient on expectations and adjusting the aids helped to alleviate the situation.
Yes I have had a patient return a hearing aid through the lions club foundation. It was a pair of donated in the ear hearing aid. I was actually picking up this case after another audiologist and responsible for fitting the hearing aid. She was so unahppy with the aid that I knew it woulndt work. I want to be able to provide the patient with amplication he or she wil use not dispise. I tried to have her try it on and she was just not happy. I talked to her son and made some phone calls and had lions club donate a BTE hearinga id witha slim tube.
Yes of course, no realistic expectations, expect miracles, doesnt like appearance.
Yes. Generally these are patients that have had TB and the medication has caused a profound loss in speech recognition and patient does not find it beneficial.
Not a common case but I guess it could happen. In these situations instead of taking the aids of them and sending them on their way I would sit down with them and get to the bottom of why they wish to return them and hopefully if I can help them I will.
Yes, but not often at the VA which is both good and bad at times.

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