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Working as an attendance clerk in the school system can be stressful. How well do you handle stress and pressure?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Attendance Clerk interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know that you can handle the stress associated with being responsible for droves of students at all times. To answer this question, start by giving an example of a situation where you were faced with a stressful situation and you managed it well.

Working as an attendance clerk in the school system can be stressful. How well do you handle stress and pressure?
Answer example

"Whenever I feel overwhelmed with work, I try to divide it into parts and prioritize it by importance. In my last job, when one of my colleagues went out on holidays and another one fell sick, my workload greatly increased. I decided to take up the challenge and worked over time. My supervisor was pleased and treated me to lunch."

Entry Level

"I handle stress very well, and when you call my references, they will attest to this fact. When I am under pressure on the job, I focus on the task at hand and make sure not to get distracted. Staying on deadline is very helpful, and I will delegate when necessary to alleviate some stress."


"I am often under deadline when it comes to providing teachers and school administrators with reports detailing student attendance observations. I know this stress will not go away because my work duties are my work duties. Stress is part of any demanding job, and I embrace it to the fullest. I take good care of myself and prioritize my workload to maintain a healthy balance in my stress levels."

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Working as an attendance clerk in the school system can be stressful. How well do you handle stress and pressure?
I prioritize. I decide the importance and urgency of a task, work on top priority one and go on from there.
I'm pretty leveled headed, and calm unless it involves animals. To deal with stress, I run and practice hot yoga.
Prioritize what is most important and handle it quickly and efficiently.
I mantain a cool exterior and never let them see me sweat.
Stress is very important to me. With Stress, I do the best possible job.
I try to handle stress and pressure with a lot of love and understanding. If I am stressed I know that I've got to let that go before I add it to the stressors within the job. As far as dealing with the stressors of the parents, I try to talk a little softer and reassure them with understanding and utmost care.
I stay pretty calm, I know that most stressors will pass. When I feel pressure, I just dive in and work through the tasks that are causing me to feel pressured. I understand that work has to get done and I get focused in order to get the tasks done in a timely fashion.
The best way that I can. I take a deep breath step away for a moment and look at it again with a clear mind.
I stay cool calm and collected and do my best with the skill and knowledge I have.
I handle it very well. I like the challenge of working under pressure. In fact, I feel I perform best under stress. I can multitask effectively and I understand how to set my priorities.
Prioritise and organise your work by taking care of the most important tasks first. Make a list of things to be done and set time frame for each.
Talk about underlying issues and find solutions.
I handle stress and pressure very well, stress is a mind thing and pressure can be good or bad depending on what the issues are on the good hand you can work your way through it and on the bad side you can work and maneuver into a less complicated way.
I work best under pressure as I get things done faster.
I handle stress and pressure by finding out what needs to be accomplished first. I think also taking a breathing break can be helpful.
I feel I handle stress and pressure very well. I tend to be on a positive and upbeat vibe, and approach all situations as a neutral so that I may be an asset in coming up with the best possible solution.
Take deep breath and focus.
I handle pressure well I don't panic I stay calm and collective and continue with my work o situation that I need to handle.
Focus keep calm and get the job done.
Take a moment and regroup my thoughts while I am working. After work I walk or work outside.
I work very well with ofher staff members, students, and teachers. I rarely have down moments at work, and am always greeting throughout the day. I am friendly and always helping others with a smile.
I Just Take a deep Breath and keep reminding myself that everything will be okay.
I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesn't become stressful. For example, when I deal with an unsatisfied customer, rather than feeling stressed, I focus on the task at hand. I believe my ability to communicate effectively with customers during these moments helps reduce my own stress in these situations and also reduces any stress the customer may feel.
I would take a break, stretch and walk around to refocus.
Priorities and being efficient.
I like to be busy and getting task accomplished in an efficient manner is fulfilling to me and I have a calm way of handling things in a stressful situation.
I stat calm and focus on my task and handle them on my one.
I take a deep breath, smile and tackle whatever I believe is a priority and work my way down my list until finished.
If something is too stressful, I usually just need to take a step back and take a moment to breathe and refocus my thoughts. Once I've done that, I can come back to work with a fresh outlook and tackle whatever problem I might be dealing with.
I am pretty calm under pressure. I tend to pin point the priority and handle that first.
I think over the situation before I go on.
I rely on my organizational skills to keep my work on schedule so that interruptions won't bother me.
I work well under pressure, I have currently worked as community liasion working front office alone for most of the day in a school of 860 students. I multitask, answer phones, being alert of walkie talkies, visitors, discipline students and also incoming students to health office.
I handle stress and pressure by remaining calm and priorities my task.
I handle stress and pressure well. I remain calm and continue to work on the task at hand.
Take a moment to look at the situation, prioritize and proceed.
Pursue the situation calmly and with ease to handling it the best way.
I try to maintain my focus on the big picture, what else needs to be done. It keeps me on track and moving forward in my work.
I always organise my work well so that I don't become under pressure to finish a task or to meet dead lines, if I happen to be stressed and under pressure I go to the gym.
I handle stress by dealing with it head on. The best way is to start handling the problem with the end in mind.
I handle stress and pressure very well. I have to make a mental note to take a step back.
I tend to make a list of what is a higher priority and what I can do in between those tasks to finish the lower priority tasks.
I handle stress and pressure very well because one I worked in an environment that required me to deal with the phones and individuals standing in front of me yelling. I tray my best to explain that they have to give me time to handle their situation the best I can.
Scheduling my work well gives me time to attend to anything even if I am under pressure I still get time to take deep breathes and make sure my job is done well.
I stay calm get all the facts of the situation and then find the best way to resolve the issue.

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