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Attendance Clerk Interview Questions and Answers
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Working as an attendance clerk in the school system can be stressful. How well do you handle stress and pressure?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I prioritize. I decide the importance and urgency of a task, work on top priority one and go on from there.
I'm pretty leveled headed, and calm unless it involves animals. To deal with stress, I run and practice hot yoga.
Prioritize what is most important and handle it quickly and efficiently.
I mantain a cool exterior and never let them see me sweat.
Stress is very important to me. With Stress, I do the best possible job.
I try to handle stress and pressure with a lot of love and understanding. If I am stressed I know that I've got to let that go before I add it to the stressors within the job. As far as dealing with the stressors of the parents, I try to talk a little softer and reassure them with understanding and utmost care.
I stay pretty calm, I know that most stressors will pass. When I feel pressure, I just dive in and work through the tasks that are causing me to feel pressured. I understand that work has to get done and I get focused in order to get the tasks done in a timely fashion.
The best way that I can. I take a deep breath step away for a moment and look at it again with a clear mind.
I stay cool calm and collected and do my best with the skill and knowledge I have.
I handle it very well. I like the challenge of working under pressure. In fact, I feel I perform best under stress. I can multitask effectively and I understand how to set my priorities.
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