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Why do you want a career as an attendance clerk?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Attendance Clerk interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know more about what drives you to be in this line of work. When answering this question, you can incorporate a personal story. You could also talk about what inspired you to become an attendance clerk in the first place. Make sure you go through the job description while preparing the answer to this question. You can use some of the responsibilities mentioned in the job description for developing your response.

Why do you want a career as an attendance clerk?
Answer example

"I always wanted to be in an educational administrative role. I believe that by being an attendance clerk I can get closer to my objective. Also, I love the sense of responsibility that comes with this job."

Entry Level

"I love working with kids and also the administrative responsibilities associated with the role. My level of organization is high, and my dedication is strong. I know I will be successful in this role."


"I first became an attendance clerk after I had kids. It was my way of being near them while working a schedule that mirrored theirs. They have graduated now, but I still love the work. It feels good to be around kids and help them to stay accountable, from a young age to their success in school."

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Why do you want a career as an attendance clerk?
I understand the importance of others relaying on you and you relating you. Attendance is lone step in becoming successful in your future career.
I have administrative skills which include taking care of attendance for 400 personnel.
I understand the importance of others relaying on you and you relating you. Attendance is lone step in becoming successful in your future career.
I believe my prior experience will come in handy for this podition. I hold myself to high standards of accuracy and efficiency.
I love kids. I've been within schools as a teacher or counselor for over 20 years. I also know a lot of these kids and other parents on a relational level and I feel that it would only help me in this position.
I truly enjoy office work and get a lot of satisfaction from working in a team to accomplish a common goal together. I love children, I have two, and feel that a position with a school on a similar schedule to theirs will help me be successful long term.
I enjoy working for the school district. I have learned quite a bit about the challenges of providing our children with a good education. I've learned that there is a lot that goes into providing our students and parents with opportunities for a better future.
I believe it can be very rewarding.
Indeed I want to get the experience of being in the administration and excellency in monitoring the administration effectively. I want to train myself in the field of public administration because soon I want to do my Msc In Public administration. Despite being a teacher, I am very much interested to know what goes beyond the classroom: are there any pressures in working in an administration.
I want to contribute to academic advancement of others.
Seeking full time employment and being satisfied with doing a job that is important on a daily basis.
I love the education field and this is a way of serving parents and students. I know how important the attendance clerk is in the education field.
I want a career as an attendance clerk because I want to work in school after college, and I think starting off as an attendance clerk is a good way to have experience in a school setting.
Having a career as an Attendance Clerk I can learn a lot about the children at the school, get acquainted with parents also be a big to the school and help to reach out to some of the students that are struggling with coming to school help them to enjoy coming to school and doing their work.
I enjoy being around students. I also like the idea of trying out of the box ideas in order to encourage students to come to school.
I believe it was time for a new career and ever since I was involved with leader ship ins chill and with church program I thought working with kids would be great.
I would like a career as an Attendance clerk because I think that it will showcase my current skill set, as well as provide me with challenges on a daily basis that will further my experience in being successful in an academic setting. Also support my goals to be in an administrative position.
Career change something stable for my family and my self.
It give me an opportunity to learn about the school and how things operate. It also gives me an opportunity to learn the different programs that are used in the school district office. I can still utilize my customer service skills from my other job.
It is a closer step to becoming an educator.
I am looking for a position that allows me to utilize.
Enjoy working with spreadsheets, multi tasking,
I like doing office work, being organized.
I have work retail for the last years, volunteer at my kids school, and its intersting to work with kids.
I'm interested in helping students and parents assure the students are taking advantage of their education to it's full potential. I'm interested in educating parents and students on the importance of attending school on a daily basis.
As you can see on my resume that I have a degree in Music Education. During College and after my focus has changed to being a mom. My dreams have also changed I cant imagine myself in any other career than in a school system. It has been a legacy in my family that I grew up around and loving.
I enjoy clerical work and working with children and I am looking for an opportunity to work in the education field.
Being in the classroom for many years I want to help student achieve their goal in school and one of the main reason is to make sure they attend school on a daily basis.
I love working with children, and I feel that their attendance in school is very important. The work environment is one I've been in, at least in a similar fashion, and it's one I truly enjoy. I really liked high school and enjoy the spirit the kids have.
I have been filling in for the attendance clerk and have gained some knowledge in taking attendance, inputting excuses, taking phone calls. I love the interaction with students, parents, teavhers, and faculty.
I feel with my experience I can be a benefit to the staff and parents.
I feel I can make a difference by providing excellent customer service to students and parents.
I love to work in the school environment. I hope as an attendance clerk to help improve the attendance of some of the students and share with them why it is important to make sure they attend school.
I am very organize and responsible.
I enjoy working with people and love the challenges it brings.
I love working with students and parents.
I love working in our schools district and am always interested in learning more about how our schools run.
I want a career as an attendance clerk because I will learn new position in my career path as I have worked as community laison and this for me would be a step up in learning a new field.
Because I want to be part of a productive company and be able to make sure of that by time keeping.
I feel that I have the experience enough to perform well in the job and that I can be a good asset to your school and possibly have an opportunity to advance.
I enjoy working in an office atmosphere where there is interaction with a variety of people. I am a very detailed oriented person which assists in my ability to maintain reports, etc.
I feel I posses the skills required. 11 years of administrative support capabilities such as answering phones, filing, faxing, copying, mail, scheduling, preparing memos and letters, as well as data entry. I have developed policies and procedures, maintained files while ensuring compliance and confidentiality.
Would live to gain more office setting experience.
Because I believe in good attendance and time keeping.
As an elementary student, I spent 30 minutes sitting in the office with Rosa and Dianne, the school secretaries. They were sweet, hard-working women, and they genuinely cared about the welfare of the children in their school. My elective periods in middle and high school were spent as office aides or teacher's assistants. I like the work, I like the atmosphere, and I want to be involved in taking action to keep students in school and keep their parents informed.
I enjoy record keeping and data base management. I believe this position will allow me to use my organizational and computer skills.
I would like to be an attendance clerk because I am a very organize and patient who can handle stress. Also so I have been volunteering here for over a year now and love the environment and the people here.
I have a very positive attitude, I like to help people and an attendance clerk's job is to help people.
I have confidence that I would be able to perform strongly in this position with my skills and experience. If hired, I would prove to be a valuable asset to your school.
I am looking for a position that allows me to utilize my strong organizational skills and customer service skills. I enjoy working with people and members of the community.

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