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Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor or co-worker? How did you handle the situation?
The interviewer wants to know how you handle conflict, and how you behave in a team situation. Do you end up having conflicts on a regular basis or are you a team player who always slides away without difficulty in conflicting situations? Avoid saying anything negative about your team member or the supervisor and also avoid praising yourself too much.
Answer examples
"I avoid conflicts with my team members as I believe in clear communication whenever any issues are present. There is no reason to have tension in the workplace if you are honest, transparent and an effective communicator."
Entry Level answer example
"Conflict is certainly not something that I seek. There was one incident when a coworker was constantly dumping his work on my desk. He wasn't doing it to be rude; he just didn't understand the full spec of his responsibilities, or mine. Once he knew about our process, he understood his error and apologized. We have worked very well together since then."
Experienced answer example
"Earlier in my career, I worked at a school with a principal who led the school more like a dictatorship. I did not agree with his approach but rather than creating a fuss; I looked for another position. I did not believe that I could have changed his ways so, in that situation, it was best I moved on."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor or co-worker? How did you handle the situation?
No I have never had difficulty with a supervisor before.
Yes, but I have learned that communication is the key. When there is a problem always communicate with your supervisor instead of letting things build up.
One time, when I had to take time off for my daughters graduation which co-incided with school graduation.
I have never had serious difficulty with any supervisor. Usually a team player and always willing to take all things into consideration, even when I do not agree.
Never. When there is group of people you have to work together as a team.
No, I have the ability to work out my differences with people and meet at a common ground.
I do not recall a time where I had any difficulty with a supervisor.
I've never had a difficult supervisor however in the event I did, I would be sure to make sure the lines of communication are between my supervisor and I to assure I completely understand their expectations and how I can do everything possible to meet the requirements of the position and the expectations.
I wouldn't necessarily say difficulty, as I believe that my supervisors have only really wanted to train me go become a better employee. However, there have been times where it has been difficult to convey something to my manager, and I've learned how to word my sentences to get my message across more clearly.
No I have never had difficulty with supervisor but I have reported being treated without respect as a coworker.
No not really. Whenever I worked with my head of dept, I try to maintain good relationships with him or her because I know that they are experienced and therefore I can learn many things from them.
Unfortunately I have encounter.
Unfortunately I have encounter.
No not really I tend to get along well with authority.
How well I work with other and how kids adapt to me earn there trust quickly and my personality is positive.
No I have never had any difficulties.
Yes I had a very cranky supervisor and I handled her with kindness and tact.
Yes... Just let it go and continue work. Do not let emotions and personal problems affect my performance.
No I have never had difficulty. I always been in an environment where we have great communication and great teamwork.
I have never had any difficulty with a supervisor.
No. I've always done what was expected of me.
I have never had difficulty with a supervisor, I respect everyone I work with I am a good team player.
I have always been able to maintain professionalism.
Not difficulty but again not seeing eye to eye, but they are the professional and I have to trust their judgment and follow the rules and do what they ask me to do.
Yes, I once had a supervisor who was difficult to please.
Several years ago, when I was working as a book buyer, I set up some new store invoicing with the wrong date. The manager wanted me to date our invoices on a particular date, which was not the standard procedure. The customer was a huge customer and he had made a provision to invoice on a particular date. I followed the standard practice and he was very upset with me. I learned that sometimes, you cannot follow the standard practice and I learned to ask more questions and to pay more attention to nuances.
No I haven't I always do and try to do my best.
No. I try to focus on the job given.
I have been fortunate to have never had much difficulties with supervisors or coworkers. The companies that I've worked for in the past were small and for the most part all of the employees got along. But at times, when there was a problem with someone else in the office, I found it best to discuss what was wrong in our relationship and together take steps to improve the situation.
No. Having been in management myself, I understand decisions are made that not everyone is going to be happy with. I respect that.
I never had been in the position.
Sure, there are always different personalities in the workplace. Even with a difficult person you must learn how to work with them in a civil and respectful manner.
No. I respect authority, and while I have certainly disagreed with a supervisor or misunderstood their intent. I ask thoughtful questions, at an appropriate time, and I learn something new from the experience.
No I have not, I follow every instruction given to me.
I have but we have being able to work it out. We are not perfect and problems will always happen but as professionals we need to find a way of working things out.
I think it is very important to be adaptive and always perform the essential duties needed in the school office setting. I am always respectful and friendly to all employees. I do not hold grudges or allow any situation to affect my work day.
Well I think it depends on how you describe difficulty. They're difficult situations with supervisors when you disagree with them. But I've tried always respect their authority and do my best to help their job be a little easier .
No I never had a difficulty with a supervisor. I have always been the type person that likes to make my job and what I do fun. I have been blessed to have wonderful supervisors and love what I do.
No as I feel communication is the key to resolve any difficulties.
No I haven't being that I am an easy going individual I feel comfortable speaking to them with any issue I may come across too.
Yes, with upmost professionalism. I feel I can work well with people but I also realize that some personalities don't mesh so I prefer to not dwell and get along as best as I can for the team environment.