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Do you have strong negotiation skills?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Attendance Clerk interview

Being an attendance clerk requires you to negotiate with your students quite often! The interviewer wants to know if you are capable of negotiating when needed. Tell the interviewer about some situation where you had to use your negotiation skills. It will be useful to mention how often you have to use this ability in your job and how successful you are.

Basic answer example
"Negotiating is a very regular part of my job. I have to regularly use this skill while communicating with the students, teachers and sometimes the maintenance staff. The last time I had to use my negotiation skills was when things got stuck in calculating the holiday benefits for the employees. The administration wanted to make some cuts while the employees were not in favor of this. I mediated and explained to the employees the reason behind this decision. I explained to the administration that it was unfair to dismiss the benefits. We reached a mid-ground, and everyone was happy."
Entry Level answer example
"I imagine that an attendance clerk would need to use negotiation skills when giving out tardy notes, verifying the authenticity of absence notes or calling parents of students to verify absences. I have a small background in retail sales, in a commission driven background, so I am confident in my negotiation abilities."
Experienced answer example
"My negotiation skills are strong! Working with kids for so long, and being a parent myself, I have had no choice but to hone my negotiations skills."

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Do you have strong negotiation skills?
When I was an administrative assistant a few years ago, one of my duties was to schedule interviews with interested applicants. Just like other staffing receptionists, we did not have the authority to release detailed information that the hiring manager would be qualified to answer. It was challenging because the caller would become upset because they were eager to have their questions answered. Negotiating was an approach I would take to ensure the applicant that their questions would be answered in full detail once they meet with the hiring manager. I soothed the conversation by assuring them that the team is eager to meet with them and will be happy to answer any further questions they might have. Also, waiting until a face-to-face interview can give them time to think of more questions to ask, that way they can leave the office feeling confident in our company.
When going in for an interview and telling them about a previous commitment for time off. Agreed to make the time up if necessary.
I work with a lot of people and collections. There isnt a time I havent came aross having to negotiate and reslove a problem. A customer had came in and was behind on her bill. I was very understanding to the customers needs. I was able to get her to pay as much as possible to get caught up on her furniture note.
I had to negotiate scheduling with co-workers, making sure as the team leader I always had someone in place to work and keep productivity going.
In my current job, there might be some extra tasks to accomplish if a person is sick or has a day off. I ask my boss what things need to be done. I offer to complete a job for someone if they get too busy to do it. Sometimes the students in my cashier line ask why they have to have a certain item to make it a reimbursable meal. I tell them it will cost them more if they buy alacarte and tell them what the price will be.
Parent walks in my office very upset about her students attendance. I would then talk to parent and give them my phone number and let them know that I will be on the look out from now on to see what is going on with their students attendance.
There was a time I spoke with a customer negotiating costs. Customer had a dispute over his bill and after detailing his charges, I looked into negotiating an adjustment he would receive due to misinformation. After discussing reasoning behind the adjustment amount, the customer was satisfied with the negotiation.
The last time I had to negotiate with someone was dealing with an irate customer who was at risk of foreclosure and wanted a lower mortgage payment and interest rate on their home. Instead he only qualified for a loan modification that would keep his payment the same and rate the same but would bring the loan current. He was very upset however I reminded him that this would prevent his home from going into foreclosure, and give him the oppurtunnity to become current and work towards repairing his credit report. I handled the matter in a very courteous way and provided him lots if information so that he could see the benefits of the modification. At the end of the call he thanked me for my time and throughly explaining everything to him and apologized to me for being so upset at the beginning of our conversation and felt alot better about being approved for a modification although he was so far behind.
Negotiations are often made within our office and our corporate office for our patients. It's not uncommon to have to call our billing department and make a payment arrangements for a contract that wasn't paid. Other kinds of negotiations are often made with patients regarding their treatment and includes making compromises with payments and larger treatments in order to benefit the patient.
I had a patient that was irate and yelling at me as well as other patients and staff. I was able to calm him down by listening to him and helping find solutions to the problem. We resolved the issue and everything worked out.
I love children and you can not learn if you do not attend.
I had to negotiate a position because the company wanted to hire me but was not sure to take up their offer. I negotiate a fair outcome for both the company and my self.
I have to negotiate with individual on a regular bases. The last time was with my last job when a customer was not pleased with a piece of jewelry she purchased and she wanted her money back and I had to negotiate with her to take a look at other things we had and have her choose a piece and allowed her to have the piece even though the piece was more than the original piece she chose. I had to make her happy so she would come back in the future and also tell her friends.
A patient was sent to collection for a large among of money so My manager asked me to contact patient and collect . I finally reached the patient and explained that she need to pay her bill or it would got to collecti ok ns . I heard her out made arrangements for her and we came to payment agreement. But of course you have to always here the patient or person and not just assume they don't want to pay then help them to help themselves.
Patient went to collection called spoke to her came to an agreement and she paid for her bill.
Financial was being. Sent to collections spoke to irate patient heard her our and came to an agreementand she paid her bill.
I was recently given a task to go and talk to a group of women that had a policy with us about the low premium that they were paying, I had to make sure that we don't loose them and we agree at a reasonable amount.
My previous engagement of negotiation took place last month when one of our employee's contract ended. Review his request, review his performance and negotiate with our proposal which relates to his abilities within the organization.
It was at a clinic. Since October of 2014 no more Norco medications were going to be prescribed. Patient was very upset but I explained to him that he may continue Norco but first had to be submitted to physical therapy and pain management. Patient agree.
There are 2 secretaries in the office and both could not take lunch at the same time, so we negotiated and agreed on our lunch hour time.
I negotiate all the time with the people around me. It's just a matter of both sides feeling like they have gained something.
The last time I had to negotiate with someone was when I was working in retail, since there was very little employees and so much work me and my co worker had to negotiate on what our duties for that night was, I am a very easy going person so when someone wants to negotiate with me about getting a job done I will do whatever as long as the job is done and everything is taken care of.
I think we negotiate everyday both on a personal and professional level. It is important to maintain a balance.
I do it everyday in my clinic how trying to get kids to the there med. To parents arguing with us on why we haven't given a med. For a child I always stay calm and collective never yell and sound stern cause I feel it would scare them even if they are having a fit cause they want there parent. For parents. For patents I explain that I can't give a med. Without dr. Orders so as soon as I can get it from the dr. I can give it I don't mind giving it but I really can't do it with out that order. And be very calm about it and do it with a smile.
It was a situation between my self and another classroom staff member, we didn't see eye to eye so I asked can we speak to resolve the issue about how to handle a student behavior, after we communicated how we felt we wre able to be on the same page and to common ground.
I don't have to "negotiate" but to "reiterate" to parents our procedures on how our school handles pulling a student out early. Using the correct procedure helps our school with finding students, giving passes, making sure the database is updated accurately. This way we know where students are at all times. It's for their safety.
I don't have to negotiate in my current job, but I like to explain my policies and position to others so we can come to an agreement.
Well just yesterday, we had a parent come to enroll her student. They were coming from Virginia, and the parent did not have the documents that we require to enroll our students. First and foremost, she did not have proof of residency. She said that they were in the process of leasing a townhome, but she didn't yet have the lease. I explained that the district requires a water bill, electric bill or gas bill. I told her that we may be able to accept a letter from the lessor, on the lessors letterhead, if it indicated that they had put money down and were approved to lease the townhome. I told her that the letter must include the date of the lease commencement. I told her that I would have to check with our Student Services office to confirm that such a letter would be acceptable. We both want to get the student back in school.
It was when I was buying something from a garage sale and the owner wanted 20 for shoes when I insisted I'd pay 10 and that's the highest because it's not new it's used and I could buy new ones for that price.
I listen to that person and then I try to figure a solution of the negotiation that will work for both of us.
I had to work out a schedule with my husband for him to get home by 230 to take of the dogs while I was here. He was willing to accommodate me. I look at his schedule get an idea of how long he we be on a job or speaking to a potential client and schedule around that.
Wedding contract. Purchasing a house.
While working as a sub with the Ed Services department, there have been times where I've had to negotiate with some of the providers that offer tutoring services with the SES program. My job description entailed me communicating with these companies and making sure they submitted their invoices correctly so that we could approve the invoice and process a payment. Sometimes, when they'd enter something wrong, I'd have to contact them and go over the requirements and what they needed to do to fix the invoice.
A child's parent had called the school insisting she speak with the director who was out at the time. This parent was upset about a situation that happened that day. I asked her if she felt comfortable telling me her concerns and I assured her I would relay the information as soon as the director returned. The parent did discuss with me the situation. When the director returned, I discreetly discussed the situation and she followed through with the parent.
I had organized my self and presentation to the point where I Knew what will my ultimate bottom line was.
I negotiate everyday with my kids it may be if they eat their vegetables and they get a treat.
In my previous position I had to negotiate my work duties with my manager. We lost a member of the team and the 4 and 5 hour positions were required to work additional hours and take on more work. My manager and I had to work together to ensure the business ran as usual while my work load was balanced.
As a store manager, I received a revised availability from one of the supervisors I managed, and the new availability did not suit the business needs of the store. I immediately confronted her with the problem and we sat down together to talk about it. Her young children needed care at home while her husband worked long hours at a new job. We determined that the hours she needed were not possible for her position, so she stepped down into a barista role and we both got what we needed.
Just recently we had to have a talk with one of our tenants on paying her weekly rent because she's always paying a week late I suggested if having her complete rent was an issue she could pay half on wednesday and the rest the following tuesday instead of paying us 2 weeks later.
There was a parent wanting to place her child in the all english program and I had to sit and explain to her all the options before she made up her mind.
The last time I had to negotiate with someone was when, I had to negotiate a new check out system with administration. I presented the current plan and suggested the new plan with supporting ideas on why it would be more effective and efficient in the front office.
As a counselor i've had to negotiate with parents that are very upset that their son is in trouble or their daughter is in trouble and again just dealing with them from the point of the parents of you and how you understand where they're coming from and then listing the things that you agree with them on but also the schools standard and the schools discipline policy .
Being that I have mostly worked in retail management, negotiating comes natural because selling clothes and shoes to make sales was always park of my job. Say you have this customer that undecided on if they want to purchase an item. I always told them you may not find this item at another store or they may not have your size so let me make you a deal and we can both be happy.
The last time I had to negotiate with someone would be my daughters counselor. My daughter was getting bullied and not wanting to go to school. I negotiated with the counselor for her to be able to contact her any time of day. Even if it was during class.
Explained why we do things this way.
When I went to the theme park with my children I had to negotiate because people are starting to fight over who would sit with me.
I really didn't have to negotiate it precious employers.

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