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Do you have strong negotiation skills? Tell us about the last time you had to negotiate with someone.
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It was at a clinic. Since October of 2014 no more Norco medications were going to be prescribed. Patient was very upset but I explained to him that he may continue Norco but first had to be submitted to physical therapy and pain management. Patient agree.
There are 2 secretaries in the office and both could not take lunch at the same time, so we negotiated and agreed on our lunch hour time.
As a counselor i've had to negotiate with parents that are very upset that their son is in trouble or their daughter is in trouble and again just dealing with them from the point of the parents of you and how you understand where they're coming from and then listing the things that you agree with them on but also the schools standard and the schools discipline policy .
I negotiate all the time with the people around me. It's just a matter of both sides feeling like they have gained something.
Well just yesterday, we had a parent come to enroll her student. They were coming from Virginia, and the parent did not have the documents that we require to enroll our students. First and foremost, she did not have proof of residency. She said that they were in the process of leasing a townhome, but she didn't yet have the lease. I explained that the district requires a water bill, electric bill or gas bill. I told her that we may be able to accept a letter from the lessor, on the lessors letterhead, if it indicated that they had put money down and were approved to lease the townhome. I told her that the letter must include the date of the lease commencement. I told her that I would have to check with our Student Services office to confirm that such a letter would be acceptable. We both want to get the student back in school.
I had organized my self and presentation to the point where I Knew what will my ultimate bottom line was.
I work with a lot of people and collections. There isnt a time I havent came aross having to negotiate and reslove a problem. A customer had came in and was behind on her bill. I was very understanding to the customers needs. I was able to get her to pay as much as possible to get caught up on her furniture note.
Explained why we do things this way.
Wedding contract. Purchasing a house.
I had to negotiate scheduling with co-workers, making sure as the team leader I always had someone in place to work and keep productivity going.
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