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Answering Athletic Trainer Questions

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While attending university, what was your most challenging course, and why?

Generally speaking, our most challenging area of study during post-secondary will be our least favorite and weakest area of practice. Discuss with the interviewer what your most challenging course was during your time in university/college.


Answer Example

"My most challenging course was on Neuromuscular control. Teaching the body to have conscious control of particular movements is an incredibly detailed concept. After graduating with my Bachelor's Degree, I returned to school to take a couple of related courses just to expand my knowledge in this area."

Entry Level

"I had the most difficult time in head, neck and spine evaluation. Some of the technical language was difficult for me to grasp, so I chose to hire a tutor. I am proud to say that I graduated with a 92% in that particular class."


"That was some time ago for me! I do recall hiring a tutor for Pharmacology in Athletic Training. The range of pharmaceutical drug choice was overwhelming for me at that time. Rest assured, I am now very well versed in this area of my athletic training practice."

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