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Answering Athletic Trainer Questions

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What are the general assessment steps that you take with a new patient?

The interviewer would like to know that you understand how to intake a new patient correctly. As an athletic trainer, you need to understand the importance of proper intake with new patients. Assure the interviewer that you are capable of following appropriate protocol and documentation.


Answer Example

"In my current clinic we have a detailed form that I ask all new patients to fill out, in full. It includes their details such as height, weight, and birthdate. We collect their health care details as well. Then, the form dives into medical history, allergies, current exercise levels, and previous diagnoses. Each of my new patients will then sit with me for a 30-minute consultation. All of this happens before I begin treatment."

Entry Level

"When I first meet a new patient, I will ensure that their paperwork is complete. I take the time to speak with them about any previous injuries and discuss their expectations surrounding my treatment plan."


"I have an intake team who follows the protocols that I have set forth for them. Our intake process includes a full health questionnaire, a conversation surrounding their dietary habits, sleep habits, as well as their current exercise plan."

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