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Answering Athletic Trainer Questions

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As an athletic trainer are you able to recognize the signs of steroid or other performance enhancement drug use?

ThThe use of steroids and other performance enhancement drugs is still very prominent in professional sports. Assure the interviewer that you would be able to spot steroid use in an athlete.


Answer Example

"There are many signs to look for, but the ones that generally give it away are mood swings, poor skin, and dramatic weight gain. In my current position we do test our athletes about 3 times per year."

Entry Level

"While completing my Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training, one of the modules was on performance-enhancing drugs and the signs of drug abuse. I am very confident in my ability to spot steroid use in an athlete."


"As an athletic trainer, spotting steroid use is an essential skill to have. My educational background has taught me a great deal about steroid use, and I have been able to help numerous athletes make better decisions by seeing the signs and being upfront with them."

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