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Assistant Principal

30 Interview Questions & Answers

When have you worked together with teachers to create a higher standard or a better way of teaching?

Example #1
"A couple of students from different classes had discipline issues, and I held a meeting with everyone to discuss the cases and how to work on them. We shared our experiences and success stories and came up with a communication workshop for those students instead of sending them to detention or suspending them."
Example #2
"Recently, a group of teachers and I worked together to bridge some of the lesson plans from various classrooms. We wanted to add value to our classrooms with the goal of introducing a more holistic approach to teaching and learning. We implemented technology to help students stay on track and held peer work sessions before/after school where students could share their learnings."
Example #3
"Once, I organized a professional development day for 14 teachers who taught the same subjects. I wanted them to compare experiences and learn from each other. The teachers at my school benefitted from hearing other approaches to teaching."
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