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Architectural Engineer Interview

14 Architectural Engineer Interview Questions

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Why do you want a career as an architectural engineer?
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What was your greatest accomplishment as an architectural engineer?
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What was your biggest disappointment as an architectural engineer?
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Why should we hire you?
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What have your achievements been to date?
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About Architectural Engineer

August 30th, 2017

Architectural engineers are highly skilled professionals who use their expert knowledge of engineering, design, and math to create usable buildings. These specialists typically work on site as part of a team consisting of other architects, engineers and construction workers. Architectural engineers must have extensive knowledge of math, engineering, design, and architecture. They must also have a keen eye for detail and precision.
A bachelor's degree in architecture, engineering or an associated field is the minimum requirement to become an architectural engineer. However, employment opportunities are limited with this minimum qualification. Earning a master's degree will enhance job opportunities tremendously, and also qualify you for more challenging research and development positions. Many employers will also require applicants to have completed the PE or Principals and Practice of Engineering exam and FE or Fundamentals of Engineering exam.
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