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Top Applications Citrix Interview Questions

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Explain to me what Citrix is.
User-Submitted Answers
Citrix is a server solution that uses Microsoft Terminal Services software to deliver Windows applications to PCs, Apple Macintosh computers, X terminals and UNIX workstations. This enables users of those systems to access and use those programs which are available to those using the Windows operating system.
Citrix is a software, which is famous for Application, Server & Desktop Virtualization.
Citrix is a software, with the help of this software we can able to install and public application through Virtual enviroment.
Citrx is a company. It provides the presentation server software or xen soft. We can called simply citrix.
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What are the advantages of ICA?
User-Submitted Answers
ICA is useful as RDP. It is using only 32 kbps band width. It is media between xenapp server and desktop.
It works on low bandwith. No need to good configuration at clint side. Only keystrokes, mouseclicks and frames travells all process running at server side.
Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a Windows presentation services protocol from Citrix that provides the foundation for turning any client device-thin or fat-into the ultimate thin client. The ICA technology includes a server software component, a network protocol component, and a client software component.Citrix ICA On the server, ICA has the unique ability to separate the application's logic from the user interface at the server and transport it to the client over standard network protocols-IPX, SPX, NetBEUI, TCP/IP and PPP-and over popular network connections-asynchronous, dial-up, ISDN, Frame Relay and ATM. On the client, users see and work with the application's interface, but 100% of the application logic executes on the server. The ICA protocol transports keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates over standard protocols to the client, consuming less than 20 kilobits per second of network bandwidth. ICA is highly efficient-it allows only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates to travel the network. As a result, applications consume just a fraction of the network bandwidth usually required. This efficiency enables the latest, most powerful 32-bit applications to be accessed with exceptional performance from existing PCs, Windows-based terminals, network computers, and a new generation of business and personal information appliances. With over two million ports in use worldwide, Citrix ICA is a mature, reliable technology and is fast becoming a de facto industry standard for server-based computing. While all three computing models have a valid role in today's enterprises, it's important to note the differences between them. In the traditional client/server architecture, processing is centered around local execution using fat, powerful hardware components. In the network computing architecture as defined by Sun, Oracle, Netscape, IBM and Apple, components are dynamically downloaded from the network into the client device for execution by the client. But with the Citrix server-based computing approach, users are able to access business-critical applications-including the latest 32-bit Windows-based and Javaâ„¢ applications-without requiring them to be downloaded to the client. This approach also provides considerable total cost of application ownership savings since these applications are centrally managed and can be accessed by users without having to rewrite them.
- ICA stands for Independent Computing Architecture. - It contains published application information. - ICA file has Windows ‘ini’ format. - It is organized in such a way that MetaFrame Presentation Server Clients can interpret. - ICA file will initialize a client’s session running on the server. - The MetaFrame Presentation Server‘s clients uses the ICA protocol for input formats and addresses the input to the server for further processing.
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What applications have you programmed or used with Citrix?
User-Submitted Answers
All remote support applications as terminal service licenced.
Windows applications.
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What roles did you use Citrix for in your previous job?
User-Submitted Answers
I can used maintain the published applications. Manage the license server.
I use for providin VDIs to users, an applications.
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How do you implement policies in Citrix?
User-Submitted Answers
Policies can be implemented through Active directory.
Administrator implement the policies based on polices roles. Bandwidth, clint devices, printing, workflow and security. Based on policiey rolls we can create , filters and disable..
The Citrix policy can be applied through Console Managment in 3 levels1. Farm Level2. Citrix Server Level3. Policy.
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Tell me how the licensing works in Citrix.
User-Submitted Answers
The startup license is a Citrix system file that enables Citrix products to maintain a continuous connection to the license server. The Citrix product makes a continuous connection to the license server. The license server can support up to 4000 continuous connections If product servers lose communication with the license server, the users and the products are protected by a grace period that allows the product servers to continue operations as if they were still in communication with the license server. After a startup license is checked out by the Citrix product, the product and the license server exchange “heartbeat” messages every 5 minutes to indicate to each other that they are still up and running. If the product and the license server fail to send or receive heartbeats, the product lapses into the licensing grace period and licenses itself through cached information. The grace period is set by Citrix. It is typically 30 days but can vary depending upon the product. After communication is re-established between the product and the license server, the grace period is reset. The grace period takes place only if the product has successfully communicated with the license server at least once. License Server Components The license server comprises several licensing components: Citrix vendor daemon Console License files Options file Startup license.
There are two kind of licences in citrix i. E, user based and device based.... If we have concurrent licance based on users .. Then if user A Logs in to citrix and access the application it uses one license and if the user logins from other device and access same farm and different application then the old license will work.. And it will go to the pool back if user logs off.. In case of device license .. User connectes from two different divices two license will be used....NOTE:Here user is accessing single farm only.

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About Applications Citrix

August 17th, 2017

Citrix XenApp (formerly Citrix MetaFrame Server and Citrix Presentation Server) is an application virtualization/application delivery product that allows users to connect to their corporate applications. XenApp can either host applications on central servers and allow users to interact with them remotely or stream and deliver them to user devices for local execution.

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