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Top Apparel Designer Interview Questions

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Why do you want a career as an apparel designer?
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What was your biggest disappointment as an apparel designer?
Question 3 of 9
Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
Question 4 of 9
What motivates you as an apparel designer?
Question 5 of 9
Tell me about a time when you fell behind your work. How did it happen and how did you catch up?
Question 6 of 9
What is your philosophy towards work?

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As an Apparel Designer, what do you believe is your best asset?
Question 8 of 9
Give me a time when you had to set an important goal in the past and tell me about your success reaching it.
Question 9 of 9
Describe the most creative work related project you completed.

About Apparel Designer

August 17th, 2017

Apparel designers create clothes, accessories, and footwear. They're typically hired by companies to create new and original products that will appeal to consumers. To do that, apparel designers sketch designs using computer-aided design software and other software like Adobe Illustrator. It's also common for apparel designers to source materials. Apparel designer jobs may require specific areas of expertise, such as pattern making and garment construction, or silhouettes and colorways. Experience working with factories and suppliers is desirable as well. A bachelor's degree in fashion design is typically required, though some employers will accept an associate's degree.

Job openings for apparel designers can be found through typical channels like online job boards such as Indeed. Vacancies can also be found on the career sites of fashion companies, as well as through the career portals of colleges with a fashion program.

The interview will assess your ability to create appealing designs and facilitate the process of seeing the design through to production. Your technical knowledge and application of that knowledge will be assessed. More importantly, you'll be asked to present a portfolio with relevant design examples (e.g. dress designs and not shoe designs). Attention to detail, creativity, and an understanding of design requirements are essential to your success in the interview.

To prepare for an interview for apparel designers, make sure that you read the job posting carefully and determine what you'll be expected to design. Keep that in mind when choosing what to present in your portfolio. Make sure that the portfolio that you use is high-quality and consider it an extension of the way you present yourself. Research the company's product line and the most recent trends as it relates to the job. For instance, you might notice that the tops are trending towards a loose fit with a high-contrast palette, but that their bottoms are different. These observations should inform your decisions on what to present and what to talk about when asked about your design process. Be prepared to talk about what information you consider when going from inception to the final result. Finally, be prepared to talk about why you want to work for that company specifically: what is unique about the company's design that you enjoy?

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