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What are you doing to keep current in animation technology?

An employee who keeps himself updated with current technology is always considered to be an asset for an organization. Discuss any industry related or tech-focused events you attend, what websites you regularly visit for industry trends, and which animation networks you may be a part of. For technical roles, if you post/contribute to GitHub or similar forums be prepared to show your user stats, code published, etc.


Answer Example

"I am always interested in knowing what new updates are coming up in my profession. This is a must-do professional move as it gives me an edge over others in the industry. I regularly sign up for animation webinars and global conferences. Also, I am a contributing member of a LinkedIn community for animators."

Entry Level

"Currently, I decided to join a local network for up and coming animators. It's been a great resource for me. I am also taking some creative writing courses so that I can post better content and articles on my animation blog which is about my life as an up and coming animator. If you have any suggestions for resources, I would love to learn about them!"


"I am a regular contributor to a popular animation forum which has positioned me as an expert in tech changes and trends in our industry. To keep up with this, and to stay abreast of new topics, I use a variety of resources including the 11 Second Club, and"

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