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Describe a situation where you had an unpopular idea. What did you do to convince others that it would be successful?
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I make them believe that my idea actually worth than their idea.
I gave and took, sometimes I agreed and other times I insisted.
We are all different human beings, so it is normal to not always see eye to eye with everyone. If they did not agree we should be able to communicate like adults and find either a middle ground or if they give me a really good reason as to why my idea wasn't up to their standards and I understand then I will back down easily.
I will present it in very creative way that everyone have to popular me in a right way.
Relocate my idea with visual and describe me idea with people interest.
I will try to make them agreed but if they didn't then I will try to handle the working project with my own freinds.
I had an idea for a town and a few others disagreed with how it fit into the story. I allowed them to give their own suggestions and the team compiled them into an entirely new idea.
Well, first I will give my suggestions then later if they not deffer I will give up and listen to them.
Am a team player so I will try to aviod problems.
I will just tell them my argument, to let them explain some more and convince me. Or sometimes the other way round. The conclusion is made by making compromises, or depends on which of us is convinced, or on the hierarchy.
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