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This question will help the interviewer in understanding your problem solving skills and how you convince others. A good team player is the one who understands his team and also knows how to convince others. Describe your process - is it by working with the team one-on-one to get their buy-in? Did you bring everyone into a room and whiteboard the fully vetted idea? Did you ask for the team to help you brainstorm it from being unpopular to becoming popular?
Answer examples
"Once I wanted to try doing X to improve our animation quality but we had never done that in our company before that day. When I presented that idea to others nobody was convinced, but then I decided to explain it to everyone in person and gave a presentation in front of everyone and I also addressed all the queries from my team in person. Once all the doubts were cleared we started working on it and then it actually turned out to be a really good idea and everyone was happy in the end."

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User-Submitted Answers

I engaged them in conversaton. I listened to their points of view so I had a better understanding of what they wer elooking for, then I explained my point of view and my thouhgts, so we could come to a compromise.
I gave and took, sometimes I agreed and other times I insisted.
I just decided to grin and bear it because they had more experience than me. My animation and layout leads were 3rd year students a year or so prior, and they decided to take their respective years off for personal reasons. I will fully admit that those individuals had more experience than me and I am mich better off learning from them and not them from me.
Discuss our ideas, and choose the best.
I will hear the person's idea because if he did not agree with me it means that he must have other ideas. So listening to him would be a good choice and if his idea is better than mine. I would gladly change to his idea.
I make them believe that my idea actually worth than their idea.
I had an idea for a town and a few others disagreed with how it fit into the story. I allowed them to give their own suggestions and the team compiled them into an entirely new idea.
I remember while I was starting out animating I had harsh criticism on how it was structured, What I did was try and work with the other ideas the people gave me and my own ideas.
I added a few poses to a scene that were not in the storyboard, and was told that they did not work with the timing. I took them out, and the timing was much snappier. Other times it worked, but not in this situation.
I ask them to suggest any ideas.
Try to get a solution with my coworkers, but if it is not working check with the supervisor or lead aniamtor.
We are all different human beings, so it is normal to not always see eye to eye with everyone. If they did not agree we should be able to communicate like adults and find either a middle ground or if they give me a really good reason as to why my idea wasn't up to their standards and I understand then I will back down easily.
1st ill try to let them know what I went to tell them if they not follow me ill leave them and work with my self.
Am a team player so I will try to aviod problems.
Like to think from his point of view, why the idea is not work, and if I strongly believe in my idea, I would like to have a third person involved and discuss ideas.
Relocate my idea with visual and describe me idea with people interest.
I repeat my position and address the reason I think my idea may work better. If they do not agree, I am happy to come to a compromise. If they are able to convince me of their idea, then I am willing to assist in implementing it. There was a situation where a process at the library has multiple ways of doing. My coworker insisted I do it her way because it was more in compliance with circulation policy. I started by agreeing with her stance, but also mentioning my viewpoint that my idea would benefit the patron and convince them to come back to the library. Because the situation was rather unique compared to regular library issues, we decided to make an exception for the patron that day only. Everyone left the situation feeling they were heard, and felt that the situation was resolved nicely.
I will just tell them my argument, to let them explain some more and convince me. Or sometimes the other way round. The conclusion is made by making compromises, or depends on which of us is convinced, or on the hierarchy.
I will try to make them agreed but if they didn't then I will try to handle the working project with my own freinds.
I outlined our ideas on top of each other and showed strengths and weaknesses to both, in an effort to make our communication more sufficient.
Discuss with them to get new ideas born.
Well, first I will give my suggestions then later if they not deffer I will give up and listen to them.
I asked them what they thought we should do.
I will present it in very creative way that everyone have to popular me in a right way.
If I had an unpopular idea I would ask if I could show them my idea and try to convince them that it would be successful.