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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the requirements of the job.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Animal Shelter Worker interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know that you are not the type of employee to do just enough to scrape by. You can give an example from any of your past volunteer jobs or your professional experience. Show that you are willing to do what it takes to keep the shelter clean and to keep the animals happy.

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the requirements of the job.
Answer example

"I love to impress my employer. I currently work at a pet store and will often stay late to help out a customer who arrives just as the doors are closing. I get to know our regular customers, and even remember the names of their pets! It keeps customers coming back when they feel like they are part of a community."

Entry Level

"When I was waiting tables at a restaurant, I would always roll the silverware and wipe down the tables every time I started my shift. My boss never had to ask me to sweep the floor or remind me of my daily duties because I was always on top of things. People enjoyed working with me because I had such a positive attitude and I worked hard. I always offered to cover shifts and make myself available to my coworkers for support when they needed it."


"All of the time! I am a busy body, so you will often find me doing extra cleaning, working ahead on the employee schedule, or making new marketing materials for the company Instagram account."

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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the requirements of the job.
I can think of plenty examples when I went above and beyond regarding essay assignments for school. Recently, I spent weeks preparing for my final essays. I spent nearly every waking moment searching for sources and analyzing texts. When it came down to my final paper, I stayed up all night (like college students do) and completed four different essays all on time --earlier than what was required. I recieved an A on each of them.
Had a patient very ill, loved animals would bring my cat in to stay with him.
At the child care, I spent weekends printing off extra worksheets to help the children that needed more assistance with school subjects.
Management gave small perimeters for the project and I got done faster and more efficient than they expected.
When I stayed over night to lay with a dying wild while she passed away.
When we experienced drought and our animals became sick.
When I worked in drug services it was a service that had limited budgets. We had a group room but it was really miserable. I worked with the service users to decorate it. We did it in our own time. It ended up feeling really homely.
Help others with laundry when its not expected.
I went above and beyond on a project when I had to travel down to the country side just to get a small sample of bog.
I had to write atleast a three page essay for school and I wrote a 10 page essay.
I had a job over the summer and we had a set pay of 100 dollars a day for 12 hours but most of the time I would stay later if customers started showing up after I was close.
This is my first application job and I have always dreamt of becoming a animal shelter worker so I didn't prepare and wanted to answer the questions with my heart.
There was a time where a friend of mine was really struggling with a project at school, and she didn’t have anyone helping her with this project. And with me being already graduated, I didn’t have anything that I had to do. So I volunteered my time to actually help her with her project. I ended up staying up all night with her to work on this project. The next day she turned it in and ended up getting the top grade in her class for that project.
When I was in training for my previous job it was required that I shadowed for at least 8 hours. However, I trained far longer than that knowing that the standard shifts were 13 hours long. I wanted to be sure I had a feel for everything before I was trusted to take care of other people.
I was given a task to work on the new project and it's development is my office and I sat more than 8 hrs a day and gave required feed back to the concern department.
Although I had already punched out, I stayed behind to help a colleague solve a problem. A customer was very angry as he had waited very long for his coffee. My colleague was new, she was quite slow. I came out and explained things to the customer. Although he was very angry at first, I just listened to him and told him that we try to bring our best out to each customer who walks in to our store. After a one-hour discussion, he left with a happy face and was satisfied.
I actually had a Spanish project, I had to create a menu so I did different types and I had to draw pictures .
Above and beyond was almost a daily occurencce in my last position, but the one time that sticks out the most is when a very long term customer's product was back ordered. The product was a necessity of life for them, I managed to find stock at one of our other locations, but the transfer was going to take too long through our company drivers. I decided to go to the other location and pick up the transfer my self so it would be there next day for her instead of three days too late. The customer was very grateful and very relieved.
The animals I was working with at my last job seemed fine. The shelter was having a good day and there was nothing left to do and without being asked I cleaned the whole animal shelter.
Developed an entire education program for local schools when we already had a moderately successful field trip program.
When volunteering, I often cover other people's jobs, work late or early before and after a project and give extra time at night or on weekends.
Spent 1 hour on a kennel session with a stressed dog also came in voluntarily for a whole day to sort and launder backlog of dog and cat bedding.
I have regularly stayed at work after hours to assist an animal in need. I have also been on site to assist with adoptions of animals so they could have a better chance of finding homes.
I went above and beyond for a project when I completed the project to hirer than the standards I thought I would.
I was supposed to do a small scale painting for my class at CCS and I decided that it would look better as a large painting so I got permission, bought a huge painting board, and dedicated all my time to creating a big large scale painting.
We had a dog named Max come it, was tested and came back positive for Megaesophagus. Owners did not know how to handle it. I worked with the vet getting some helpful info for them, links they could check out and my mum's husband and I made him a special chair out of wood where he could eat safely.
At my last job I worked at a warehouse where production was top priority. We had a back order that needed to be done by the next day. I worked on an production line that consisted of me packaging tooth paste and tooth brushes. They needed a certain amount done before the shift was over. So I opted to stay over with a few other workers to get the job done as well as come in the next morning early enough to ensure the work order was completed and ready to be shipped.
Current project we are working on requires lots of extra work hours. Looking at different avenues to get the data, but lessen the workload.
I stayed hours after work ensuring our system was up to date with vital information regarding the health and well being of the animals in our facility. I also frequently take my work home with me to ensure I am organized and prepared for the following day.
While working at Wonderland Cave we were doing some updating with our displays trying to make them look much more neat and inviting. I had brought up an idea to have daily discounts and sales to try to bring up our daily income and created new signs to make the displays stand out.
ITook on the duties and roles of 3 job positions when no one was there.
My partner in a college class did not show up for our joint project. Therefore I not only had to complete my portion of the project I had to do hers as well. Our grade depended on both portions being complete. I received an A on the project.
Everyday at Petsmart, as the pet care lead, I went above and beyond the daily call of duty by being extremely thorough and teaching my associates to do the same. If find the underlying chores and projects to complete and stay late into the night making sure they were completed.
One example is when a cat had inappropriate elimination, I pushed to find out all the information possible, analysed the situation, layed out all the options and let the client know I am here for them.
In the 6th grade we were given a list of small projects to do and had to pick three of them. I chose and completed six.

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