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Animal Shelter Worker Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the requirements of the job.
User Submitted Interview Answers
I can think of plenty examples when I went above and beyond regarding essay assignments for school. Recently, I spent weeks preparing for my final essays. I spent nearly every waking moment searching for sources and analyzing texts. When it came down to my final paper, I stayed up all night (like college students do) and completed four different essays all on time --earlier than what was required. I recieved an A on each of them.
Had a patient very ill, loved animals would bring my cat in to stay with him.
At the child care, I spent weekends printing off extra worksheets to help the children that needed more assistance with school subjects.
Management gave small perimeters for the project and I got done faster and more efficient than they expected.
When I stayed over night to lay with a dying wild while she passed away.
When we experienced drought and our animals became sick.
When I worked in drug services it was a service that had limited budgets. We had a group room but it was really miserable. I worked with the service users to decorate it. We did it in our own time. It ended up feeling really homely.
Help others with laundry when its not expected.
I went above and beyond on a project when I had to travel down to the country side just to get a small sample of bog.
I had to write atleast a three page essay for school and I wrote a 10 page essay.
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