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What was your greatest cost-cutting measurement you accomplished at your previous employer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Animal Shelter Worker interview

How to Answer

This animal shelter is likely non-profit, operating strictly on municipal funds and donations. This is why the interviewer will want to hear about ways in which you have been able to help a previous employer to save money. Discuss a time when you helped your employer to cut costs.

What was your greatest cost-cutting measurement you accomplished at your previous employer?
Answer example

"My biggest cost reducing plan was to source new suppliers for our animal food and cleaning supplies. By doing some extra research, I was able to bring costs down by 20% in less than one year by switching vendors."

Entry Level

"The greatest cost-cutting measurement that I accomplished at work was in my retail sales position. I made new suggestions for theft prevention. Since we implemented some of my suggestions our loss, due to theft, has decreased 12%."


"I am tremendously conscious of costs and spending since I have managed two other shelters in the past. I understand that funds are low in this industry. The biggest impact that I have made in the past was through onboarding more volunteers and changing vendors for supplies. These changes saved us over $30K last year."

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What was your greatest cost-cutting measurement you accomplished at your previous employer?
How I evaluate success is meeting the goals set by my supervisor.
Success in an animal shelter is helping every animal that walks through the door and providing them with the opportunity to have a life filled with love and happiness.
I work to my full potential and I reach for my goal.
By how I raise my kids and take care of my household and family.
If I put my best into something I am doing, even if the results come out bad I believe I succeeded, because I know I did everything I could do.
By setting a target that is achievable them I have something to measure.
Through the profit gained.
Success to me is the impact you make on the people in you've interacted with.
Because it makes me and others feel good.
I take do everything I can.
I evaluate success as being happy in the career and stage that I want to get to, while making enough money to be financially stable.
Success to me is when you made some kind of improvement or have learned from your previous mistake or simply if your happy.
There are different levels to success, it could be a major accomplishment such as graduating from a prestigious program, or it could be something as simple as getting up in the morning. Overall, I would define success as setting a goal and doing your absolute best to accomplish what has been set before you, and most of all not giving up.
Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.
I evaluate success based on meeting the goals that are set for me, and how quickly I finish those goals.
Being happy and achieving goals on a day to day basis.
I evaluate success based on meeting the goals that are set for me, and how quickly I finish those goals.
I evaluate success by how much someone grows from their mistakes. I also evaluate it by the feedback received, by co-workers or management which can include something as simple as someone relying on you for larger or more difficult tasks.
I think the definition of success is different for everyone. For me, though, success equates progress. As long as I'm making progress I'm being successful.
For me, success is about doing my job well. I want to be recognized as someone who always does their best and tries their hardest to make my goals."
To be motivated and don't give up on what you doing and want for your future.
I evaluate success based on meeting the goals that are set for me, and how quickly I finish those goals.
I stay calm but get really happy and keep doing what im doing.
Meeting goals set by my managers and other employees.
Based upon happiness and helfulness.
Take a break if possible, analyze what exactly is making me angry, address those issues after becoming less emotional.
A good measure of success in my opinion is personal happiness and fulfillment, freedom from debt and how much of their time a person has control over.
In this case, success to me would be helping any kid have a wonderful experience with animals. These good experiences with animals could help them to think more about how they interact with the animals and then as a result they could be more passionate about them.
By working really hard and trying your best to achieve your goals.
Personal and team happiness.
I evaluate success by the number of animals I can make comfortable.
By the degree of job satisfaction I experience.
I evaluate success by how close I am to the goal I was trying to achieve.
I evaluate success and the amount of effort put in and customer satisfaction with the result.
By making A's on my report card.
I evaluate success based on the amount of effort put in and costumer satisfaction.
By the numbers, typically. I enjoy knowing I've gotten dogs adopted out, or generally their health has improved, or the management of the facility has streamlined.
I would take a deep breath, stand back from the situation and reevaluate it. Try to see the reason from another point of view.
I evaluate success in a lot of different ways. For example at work I make sure the I try my best in completing the expectations and goals that both my fellow coworkers and employers have set for me. Its from experience that I have found success can be measured through the amount of new skills learned as well as how much the individuals has grown either through an experience or certain amount of time.
I take a deep breath and keep myself calm. With animals, I will take a small break if I get frustrated.
I evaluate success by what's important to me. Success isn't just a career goal. You can be a successful parent or student it just depends on what you feel is being successful.
Success is knowing that you've done the best you can and for those around you.
Measuring success by the statistics that prove we are increasing our live save rate, as well as community satisfaction. That we are providing the best customer service while also saving as many lives as possible.
Success I believe is something that can only be evaluated individually. Each person hold themselves to a different set of standards and to determine success is to look back and see if you accomplished all of the goals you have set for yourself.
Talk to the person and see if we can come up with a solution to the problem.
I evaluate success as achieving a goal.
Organized duties and happiness with costumers.
I keep pushing myself until I reach my goals.
It depends on what type of person I come across.
Working your hardest and doing your best will result in success that is measurable.
Success is the level of commitment put into an effort and if I know I tried something to the best of my ability and was efficient in my effort I have succeeded.
Loving what you do everyday.
Success is getting the job done effectively, no matter how hard the task may seem at first. I think the harder you work, the more things you accomplish. At first, you may self-doubt that you're not doing enough or that a simple task is successful. But meeting the expectations and exceeding them is successful. You should never fall short of an expectation set for you.
I evaluate success by completing a task to the best of one's ability, going above and beyond expectations.
By meeting expected goals.

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