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Top 10 Airline Reservation Agent Interview Questions
1. Why do you want a career as an airline reservation agent?
List of Airline Reservation Agent Interview Questions
  1. Why do you want a career as an airline reservation agent?
  2. As an Airline Reservation Agent, what do you believe is your best asset?
  3. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.
  4. What do you do when your time schedule or project plan is upset by unforeseen circumstances?
  5. Everyone has to bend or break rules sometimes, give me an example when you had to do just that.
  6. How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?
  7. What do you like about your present job?
  8. Give me a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project.
  9. How well do you work with people?
Airline Reservation Agent Information
August 17th, 2017

Airline reservation agents are hired to handle airline customers' reservations, including initiating the reservation, making changes requested by the customer, and notifying them in the event of any changes initiated by the airline. They also provide information about reservations, issue tickets, and handle baggage check-in. Reservation agents are required to follow procedures and adhere to safety and security guidelines set by the government. Some agents work in airports and working hours will vary depending on business needs, while other agents may work in a call center and interact with customers electronically. The role is customer service-oriented, so personal grooming must be at acceptable professional standards and demeanor must be positive and friendly.

Job openings for airline reservation agents can be found directly on the career sites of airlines. Vacancies can also be found through typical channels like online job boards such as Craigslist, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

The interview will focus on your ability to serve customers in a manner consistent with the company's culture and values, as well as your ability to understand and follow strict protocols and procedures. To that end, you'll be assessed on a skill set including communication, customer service, attention to detail, patience, and problem-solving.

To prepare for an interview for airline reservation agents, bear in mind that you're the face of the company and that you'll typically be the first live representative of the company that customers will interact with. The interviewer will need to know that you can serve customers with a positive attitude. To prepare, think about times when you dealt with a very difficult customer or person, and how you patiently overcame that challenge using your interpersonal communication skills. In addition, think about how you learn new information and apply it. For instance, do you learn best by doing? Come up with methods that you use to learn new rules and procedures quickly.
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