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Top 10 Advertising and Promotions Manager Interview Questions
1. Tell me about your most successful promotion?
List of Advertising and Promotions Manager Interview Questions
  1. Tell me about your most successful promotion?
  2. What media platform do you use the most in advertising and promoting?
  3. How would you rate your communication skills?
  4. Why do you enjoy promotions?
  5. Tell me about an advertising campaign you have conducted?
  6. Tell me about an unsuccessful advertising campaign you have conducted. Why was it unsuccessful?
Advertising and Promotions Manager Information
August 17th, 2017

Advertising and promotions managers plan campaigns that generate interest in a company's products or services. They often work with creative departments. They plan promotional campaigns involving coupons, giveaways, and contests. They also plan advertising campaigns by deciding what media to advertise in, such as television, radio, newspaper, or online. Managers typically work in office settings during normal business hours, and may see increased demand of their time when nearing deadlines. A bachelor's degree is typically required, and experience in sales or public relations is common.   

Advertising and promotions manager jobs can be found through typical channels like online job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn,, and CareerBuilder. The interview will assess a candidate's skill in analysis, creativity, communication, and decision-making. Because this is a management position in a public-facing function, it's critical that the candidate demonstrates trustworthiness and an understanding of the company's vision and values.

To prepare for an interview for an advertising and promotions manager position, think about your previous work in which you produced or directed the production of materials with a wide audience. Be prepared to talk about your decision-making process. It may help to draw out a flowchart and to think in 'if-then' statements. Research the company's values and look at the past campaigns that they've executed to get a good understanding of the general look and feel that they prefer. Keep in mind that your performance will have a direct impact on revenue and frame your responses in terms of benefits to that effect.
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