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12 Adult Basic Education Teachers Interview Questions

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What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?
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I worked with a teacher who did not like change and wanted teach as she taught children. I offered for her to observe my class and the students. In addition, we planned lessons and activities together until she felt comfortable to try new things.
Working in a team, identifying needs over a large geographic location.
Getting students to focus on the subject matter, helping them to refocus when they arrive in the classroom.
I solve students problems.
Convincing teachers that Standard Based Instruction was the best thing for students.
The biggest challenge in working for a university was learning to navigate the bureaucracy involved in every aspect of my job as an administrative assistant.
I worked with a teacher who was not comfortable with technology and change.
Paper work and students who finished their assignments too early.
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Why do you want a career as an adult basic education teacher?
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I e been teaching adults for two years and I enjoy the challenge of it.
To teach them how to read and write, so that they will become retrate.
Many adult learners were unsuccessful as young learners. I would like to help them achieve success and become lifelong learners.
Empower them to be more than they expected they could be.
I like to teach people. Especially adults because they know why they come to school and they try to do their best.It's really rewarding to see the students learning and progressing.
The bureaucracy and red tape that stemmed from administration and its implementation of the new standards and new teacher evaluation system.
To share the knowledge I have to learners so that they can succeed in life.
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How do you handle stress and pressure?
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It's motivating at some point and I get excited to get things done.
I try to avoid it by completing work in a timely manner, and planning ahead to avoid problems. But in them event that stress finds me, I breathe deeply, and remember what I do, and who I do it for.
I take breaks and breathe and turn to others for help and encouragement.
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How do you evaluate success?
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By seeing the students growth, learning from their mistake and enjoying the classroom environment.
Good perfomance, good communication and good hygienic.
Success for me as a teacher is helping students master subject material, and inspiring them to try. For my students success is trying, attempting to learn, grow, and achieve.
By the success of the students.
Sucess is building relaitonships and rapport and celebrating baby steps toeard a goal.
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What made you choose a career as an adult basic education teacher?
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I tried it as a part time job and I love it. So I would like to keep doing it. I love to counsel students about different path that they can choose. I really enjoy being with the students. I came here at 18 and I didn't know anything about this country. Now I can be a role model and help others.
Because I realise lots of adult people are illitrate in our community.
The desire to work with students that are more mature, and have not had the opportunity or willingness to take advantage of past educational opportunities.
The rewards of giving someone a second chance are very great.
I enjoy helping people who are often stigmatised through no fault of their own.
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About Adult Basic Education Teachers

August 17th, 2017

Teachers of adult basic education instruct adults in basic reading, writing, and speaking skills so that the students can earn an educational credential that's equivalent to a high school diploma. Adult basic education teachers work in classroom settings during mornings and evenings to accommodate working students. They may also work for or in con-junction with social service agencies. Adult basic education teachers need to have good communication and teaching skills, patience, and adaptability. Most employers will require a bachelor's degree and prefer those who have teaching experience. Other certifications or licenses may be required as well, depending on your employer and locale.

Job openings for adult basic education teachers can be found through typical channels such as online job boards like Indeed,, and Craigslist. Vacancies can also be found by visiting adult education centers and libraries, as well as community-based organizations. The interview will center on your ability to work with the population that the organization works with, as well as your teaching ability and ability to adapt your teaching methods to individual students. You'll be expected to be able to work with a diverse population in order to build up the skills needed to pass a General Education Diploma or other high school diploma equivalent.

To prepare for an interview for adult basic education teachers, research the organization and determine their mission and values. Use this information to guide you: choose character traits that best align with those values, and choose abilities that will have the biggest impact on the mission. Think about the experiences you've had that make you unique compared to an-other candidate. Also think about times when you were able to overcome a teaching challenge by adapting your teaching skills and communicated effectively with a student. Come up with examples of your dedication to teaching. Finally, be prepared with examples of why you want to work for that particular organization.