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Administrative Services Manager Interview

8 Administrative Services Manager Interview Questions

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Do you have experience in multi tasking?
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Yes I managed staff, did actual operational work, consulting and providing advises to persons and staff, travelled and attended meetings, compiled and presented over monthly reports.
Yes. As HR Assistant and Recruiter at Sykes multi tasking was a major part of my job daily. The multi tasking included recruiting job fairs, intervieiwng and hiring decisions, scheduling new hire training classes, new hire orientations, along with HRIS new hire data entry and other many HR practices daily.
Yes managing a team and each individual as well as ensure the needs of the service are met.
Yes. On a daily basis I have several projects going on simutanously. I prioritze each day and start with the most pressing.
How many years of experience do you have using an computer.
Yes I do, In my current job I multitask by answering phone questions and making sure that we are making service for the day, checking that each agent is available to answer calls. Also, at the same time take care of any employee issues that come up.
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How detail oriented are you?
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I am very detail oriented, I often find I might take a little longer than expected on a task because I am so focused on ensuring that everything is perfect.
I am very detail oriented in my daily work duties. Details often times are the deciding factors in business stragetic decisions.
I am very detail orientated on my current job. Details at times are the major deciding factors in crucial company decisions.
Attention to detail is important to ensure no errors.
Very detailed. I like to explain as if the person has no knowledge of what I do to make them understand why I choose to do and how I do it.
I have knowledge and skills to perform well the administration post.
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What leadership skills do you possess?
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What leadership skills do you possess.
I have people skills which enable me to work with others both individualy and in a group setting, I also have a positive attitude which enables me to adapt to any situation that I may face in the work place, time management skills are also a strong point of mine as my experience has taught me how to handle every type of scenario that I may encounter in the workplace efficiently and in a timely manner.
As Human Resources Assistant and Recruiter I lead the Sykes HR Team in employment recruitment activities on a daily basis to include advertising, community contacts and job fairs to meet business critical hiring needs. As Deli/Bakery Manager I lead a team of 18 deli employees in daily customer service job duties.
At Sykes I was able to lead the HR team in Recruitment of employees to meet staff needs daily. As Deli/Bakery Manager I was abe to lead a team of 18 employees in customer service duties daily with the main sales goals set for the department.
Lead a team, motivate a team work together to build a team.
Management the entire day to day operation for an organization.
I'm determined, self motivated, and I want everyone around me to successed to their fullest.
Time management Organized I exceed my expectations.
Identified a problem or situation and resolved without supervisor.
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Tell me about a time where you had to make a tough decision?
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A time where I ahd to make a tough decidison.
Employment hiring decisions are always tough decisions at Sykes. As HR Assistant and Recruiter my job was to hire the best candidate to fill the needs of the job.
When a team member was not acting in a professional manner.
When the company has no budget to pay the worker salaries and the the asked me to terminate all the workers.
I had to make a universal report never done it before but I took the challenge and did it.
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Tell me about a time when you had to make a quick decision. How did your quick decision play out?
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As Sykes Recruiter I had to make a quick hiring decisions frequently to meet business needs. The client communicated business needs on a weekly basis and in order to meet those business needs I had to make quick hiring decisions for recruiting strategies. The quick decisions is what it took in order to meet the hiring needs of the company.
Quick decision making at Sykes in hiring practices. Makng quick changes in recruiting strategies to mee the needs of the company was risky however it did pay off in the end because staffing needs were met.
There was a report that was due and also some other assignments. I manage to take care of the assignments first and then I worked on the report to have my full concentration on it.
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About Administrative Services Manager

October 1st, 2017

Administrative services managers are responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising a company's supportive services. Their exact tasks may vary depending on the type of organization they are working with. In general, administrative services managers supervise administrative and clerical staff, manage records, oversee repair and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment and machinery, and ensure that the facilities comply with set health, environment, and security regulations.
A bachelor's degree in business, informational management, facility management or an associated field is the minimum educational qualification required to become an administrative services manager. Strong leadership, organizational, analytical and communication skills are vital requirements of this job.
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