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Top Adjustment Clerk Interview Questions

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Have you investigated a problem before?
Question 2 of 5
Are you good with numbers and statistics? Do you enjoy looking at them?
Question 3 of 5
Have you ever resolved a problem for a customer in a previous job?
Question 4 of 5
What do you know about credit ratings?
Question 5 of 5
Do you have any accounting/bookkeeping experiences?

About Adjustment Clerk

August 17th, 2017

Adjustment clerks respond to customer inquiries and make adjustments to resolve issues regarding billing, service, merchandise, or any other pertinent data that impacts the customer. They use relevant information to determine the validity of the customer's claim and typically follow departmental guidelines in settling the issue. This job is typically located in an office and the hours are regular business hours, though there may be weekend and evening shifts due to customer demand. Key performance areas include customer service, judgment, and listening skills. Education requirements vary; the minimum requirement is typically a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You can find vacancies for adjustment clerks anywhere that you might find customer service jobs, including classified ads in the local daily newspaper and free dailies, as well as on online job boards like Indeed and Craigslist. The interview process will assess your customer service skills. Abilities that the hiring manager will find valuable include strong listening comprehension and verbal communication. A recruiter will most likely conduct a brief basic screening with you before you interview with the hiring manager.

To prepare for the interview, think about challenging situations in which you were able to produce a positive outcome for both your company and the customer. Adjustment clerks may be given strict procedures or they may be given loose guidelines, depending on the company. Prepare examples of both situations if possible. The company will be looking for sound judgment that gives the customer the highest level of satisfaction at the resolution with the lowest cost to the company. Demonstrate your active listening skill by asking questions and taking that information into account when responding to the interviewer's questions.

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