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Why do you want a career as an addiction counselor?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Addiction Counselor interview

How to Answer

You most likely chose this career for a very specific reason. Consider your motivation to help people and your drive to learn new, innovative therapy techniques. Where did that motivation come from? Perhaps you struggled with addiction in your past, or have seen a loved one fight a battle with addiction.

As an Addiction Counselor, you will be assisting others in​ facing difficult issues which means you need to have a solid motivator, and a strong desire to keep moving forward on the toughest days. If you have a personal story that directed you towards addiction counseling, share it!

Why do you want a career as an addiction counselor?
Answer example

"I grew up in a family that had generational struggles with addiction. A big motivator for me was to learn everything I could about addictions, and the genetic link to the behavior of an addict. I wanted to break my own family's cycle of addiction, while helping others at the same time."

Entry Level

"When majoring in Psychology, I found my substance abuse classes very interesting. I decided I wanted to learn more from patients and the effects substances have on their bodies. I am very excited to continue learning in this role as an addiction counselor."


"After being sober for the last 5 years I decided to give back by helping others with the same struggles I had. When I was taking counseling for my own addiction, my coach was a significant source of strength and help all along the way. I want to be that for someone, too."

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Why do you want a career as an addiction counselor?
Most and serious problem is related to drugs and alochol making social life hell.
Because I have always wanted to help people, especially in addictions.
I believe that as this world progresses the onset of addiction occurs more often. I believe that there is a lot of underlying hurt that people who struggle with addiction face. I want this career to provide support to those who need it .
I am good at it, it is all I want to do and it gives a stereotyped group the opportunity to thrive.
I want a career as an addiction counselor.
Since working my placement with MRS, I have found my passion. I see the struggles that people with addictions face and I want to be a support for them. I see the stigma attached to addiction and I want to break it. I want to be able to provide a safe space for every client that I encounter.
I want to be able to offer hope, and encouragement to people with addictions.
I want to help people get better and improve their quality of life.
Helping people who addicted to drugs to abstain from their use.
I would like a career as an addiction counselor, because I enjoy helping client's to accomplish their ultimate goal which is sobriety/abstinence.
I want to be a clinical support counselor, because I want to give back to the community. I believe this line of work is meaningful, and considering my career goals I believe my goals coincide with the Drug Abuse Center. I am passionate about helping at-risk adolescents mitigate their socio/emotional stressors; drug abuse is a mental health issue.
I have been interested in this field for several years, for alcohol/drug addiction has affected my family for several years. I believe that I have the knowledge, education, as well as experience with this field.
With my education and training I want to be able to assist those struggling with addiction.
I have always been drawn to why humans like to alter their states of awareness and how brain functioning is altered and affected. It is fascinating to me that a complex interplay occurs of difficulty coping with emotion and wanting an attachment focus or a passion from someone or something... And finding that in substances.
I've wanted a career as an addiction counselor to be put in the position to effectively help those struggling with addiction, I've seen how negatively it can damage an individual and their life.
Because of my family and environment as well as life skills.
I am able to apply my past experiences and help those in need.
I want people to be the best version of themselves.
Because I feel I can be the most help in this area because I have a good rapport with people mand genuinely want to help without looking down on the individual.
To help others overcome life challenges and obstacles.
I have always found joy in helping others especially those who are lost to addiction.
I have always enjoyed working with people. I take great satisfaction in partnering others in peeling their layers to discover their goals and the best route for them to reach those goals.
To help people and give them a platform to share their story that will leadf to recovery.
I love the field. I know it is where I am supposed to be. It's my passsion.
My personal experience in the field of addiction.
I want to help clients reach freedom from addiction while they discover who they are as a person and develop new ways of thinking and behaving.
The struggle I put up with and the experience and knowledge I gained.
It is what I do. My life has always involved addiction.
I feel that as a counselor working for this institute I can be helpful to those clients who are experiencing an addiction.
I am an addict myself and I believe I can help others with my own personal experience.
I enjoy helping others and I lost a family due to it.
To set people free form addictions.
Helping people in my community is something I've always had the desire to do. I have been involved in different community outreach programs with my church and different school organizations that I have volunteered with and one was drugs and alcohol. I have experienced being the the present of persons with these addictions and there are different ways one can cope with the individuals and helping them get through their addiction is a major process of helping the individuals make positive decisions.
Because I know that addiction destroys families and future families. I think that families are the core unit of society and I want to help strengthen families in whatever way that I can. I know that people who are addicted are really no different than you and I - they come from all walks of life. Those who are in the throws of addiction cannot just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. They need encouragement and support. I want to be a part of their motivating support team so that they can get back to the things that matter most.
Because addictions affects not only the individual and but others around them as well addictions is only a downwards spiral that has no happy ending and if I can help other turn that around I have made a difference.
I love to work with people, I believe everyone has the ability to succeed, and I am motivated because addictions have affected my friends and family.
To be part of the clients journey, to be able to walk with them and experience their journey with them as the go through recovery and aftercare, nothing matches it.
I want to provide support to those who need it. It is esstiential for people to know they have someone they can condifdide in and uspport them through a difficult time.
I want to make a difference. I want others to know you can be successful after conquering addiction. I also want families to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
To help people find there worth and become better persons.
I believe I have and continue to accumulate skills that are necessary to help people such as active listening, caring for all people, and finding strenths in people when they do not see them in themselves.
Recovery is lot of hard work but I believe it is my calling to invest in myself to save somebody else,
This has been something that found me. I went to university and got my Bsc in psychology, and throughout my degree I have been working as a Crisis Counsellor at the Distress Centre. Later on, I was deciding what to pursue after my degree and the addictions certificate seemed like the next right thing. Ever since then, I have been working in the field and realize that this is definitely for me.
I truly love to help people with addiction, coming form a family with addiction problems I always wanted to help.
I think drug and alcohol addiction is a major issue in our society.. It is hitting the younger generation and I think education the public (prevention) should be addressed but after the fact, educating our clients and assisting them to face their issues is important/
I enjoy helping people. I find it rewarding to help others in need that have been unable to identify healthy ways to progress through life.
I want to help educate people of the danger of drug and alcohol use and abuse and where it can lead to.
I once was an addict and I would like to help those, like others helped me.
I would love to be able to make a difference in someone's life. I believe having a strong support system is a crucial component of the road to recovery.
Because I want to better learn the causes of addiction and I want to help others and myself. Its just flat out interesting.
I have experience in this and it was a major part of my graduation so I feel I bring a unique point of view to the job having an american background.
At first, I did not start out as wanting a career as an addiction counselor. It was something that evolved due to the agency that I worked with also did chemical dependency counseling.
Because I feel that I can be very instrumental in helping others during the recovery process. I have a good balance between having strong boundaries but also displaying empathy and caring. I think it is a serious and under valued area that does not get a lot of attention and people still have false belief's and think those who suffer are weak and just need will power to conquer.
I want to help people overcome their addictions.
I am a recovering addict myself and I understand how hard it is to get clean. Love nothing more than to help others in their recovery.
Addiction runs deep in my family. I haven't been able to help my family members, but if I can help one person, it makes it all worth it. Counseling is my passion.
Been there myself and I want to be there for clients that need me.
It is my desire and passion to bring hope and help those find thier way back from addiciton.
While previously working with people with addictions, I see the struggle that this population faces. I want to do everything I can to provide support to these clients and empower them to live their best lives.
To be able to continue with serving clts in need of services where they themselves can have personal growth.
To prove to others change is possible.
I have always felt the desire to be of help to others.
I have been working in the field for many years and working toward my degree. I have life experience as well as book knowledge in the field.
I grew up with it, got help and healing for myself and sharing my experiences is a definite passion I've always had.
I grew up addicted to alcohol and bingo. I needed someone to listen and care so I want to be there for people like me.
Because a passion of mine is helping and coming alongside others and I have a heart for those who struggle with this area specifically.
I want to be an addiction counselor because the problems with addiction are continuous. Those that need treatment fail to do so because of the shortage of help.
It is where my background is and I am really good at it. My ultimate career goal is to obtain my Masters in Social Work and going back into Substance Abuse Counseling seems like the most sensible platform.
My personal experiences with addiction gave me the desire to help others who are struggling.
To help individuals and families who are seeking help, due to my familial expreiineces.
Because I love work with and help people.
I watch how addictions take control over lives and would like to contribute to it's decline. Even when I think it does not affect me, indirectly it does.
Assisting individuals overcome the obstacles associated with addiction.
Addiction is one I'll that we can reduce needless sufferings.
I see the need for substance abuse counseling in this population.
Previous issues with family and friends. I want to inspire people to change their lives. I want to be able to influence them with real life situations has helped me to realize that they too can overcome their illness.
As growing up I have seen first hand the damage of drugs that does to the family.
Because there are so many people in this period of time that are in need of help and I feel able to provide services to assist a person to be healthy and fulfilled.
From previous experience working as a student at an addiction treatment centre, I was able to build an interest in the addiction and mental health setting. Because of this, I believe that my skill set will allow me to become an effective addiction counsellor.
I have a childhood filled with dealing with a parent with addiction problems, and I want to be able to help someone with that, since I couldn't help my mother.
I want a career as an addiction counselor because I want to help the individual get their lives back.
I want to help people find what motivates them to perservere.
I have a lot of background education and experience in the addiction field, I am a compassionate worker towards clients needs, I have worked in the addiction field past five years. I really like to help others.

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