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What type of patient are you not comfortable being around?
As an addiction counselor you may have to deal with different personalities, and some that make you feel uncomfortable. A good response to this question shows that you know how to handle it. Your reaction to strange or dangerous behavior is of utmost importance.
Answer examples
"If a patient is making me uncomfortable, I let them understand that their behavior is inappropriate and it will need to be reported. Generally this behavior includes patients who are threatening others or themselves. While it feels somewhat uncomfortable, I understand that this could mean life or death for them or someone they know. I take time to ask questions and follow protocol despite my feelings of discomfort."
Entry Level answer example
"I had to work through this as I first began my education in addictions counseling. Initially, I thought I would be uncomfortable working around male patients with violent backgrounds but in actuality, I was not. So far, I have not encountered any situation that I could not handle due to discomfort."
Experienced answer example
"I make it a point to treat all of my patients the same but offenders have always been difficult to work around. While they may all be difficult I treat them with respect and provide the best care that I can. It's my responsibility as an addiction counselor."

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User-Submitted Answers

What type of patient are you not comfortable being around?
A patient that I feel May be a danger to me or souroundings.
With those who have a very serious mental heath issues and are very aggressive.
One that is uncooperative, disruptive, in cohesive.
I am willing to work with anyone.
Sex offenders, child molesters.
Ones who initiate physical touch when I dont know them or without being asked.
I am comfortable being around almost all people, for the most part.
Physically assault criminals.
Combative and Disruptive.
A patient who posts a threat to the workers and clients.
I am comfortable with all types of populations.
I am not comfortable around patients who put sexual advances on me. Although I maintain professionalism and reiterate to my patient that our relationship is strictly counsellor/client.
I don't believe I will be not comfortable around anyone. That being said, I think it would be a challenge working with people who have abused children.
I find I have high tolerance and make a point to find the strengths in others. As I have not provided clinical services yet, I cannot say specifically what type of patient would make me uncomfortable.
I am comfortable with all patients but those who do not seem concerned with the affects of their addiction.
Patient whom is not taking medication.
A very flirtatious, or manipulative client.
I am not comfortable being a patient who might be harmful to me or my surroundings.
Physically aggressive patients.
I haven't had a situation.
I am comfortable with being around all of the clients that we see. We ask that they have recently exited an inpatient treatment facility before they seek services at our office.
Persons who express extremely anger.
I'm from the hood and I would not be comfortable around someone that seems to be a threat to my life or others.
An aggressive, non compliant patient that may hinder the progress of other clients.
Those who are not ready to actively engage or closed down to any sort of therapy.
People that know it all, resistant.
Some types of sexual offenses, depending on the severity.
Someone who has sexually abused or rapped someone.
I have experienced inappropriate situations, but addressed the issues regarding boundaries with patients.
I seek to do my job to the best of my ability and have equal tx for all clts in program. To say that I am not comfortable with a clt with out due cause it would mean I am being biased.