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How do you cope with stressful situations?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I believe I cope very well in stressful situations. I am able to handle them with grace and sometimes it pushes me to do better.
I am able to cope with stressful situations when they arise.
Absolutely. I manage my own stress well. I find that it helps calm others in crisis situations.
I feel I can process stressful situations by standing back for a second and applying a logical approach in dealing with the situation. For instance looking at the environment or deescalating a person in private .
Yes, I have worked in a stressful job for several years and I cope well.
One day, One hour at a time. Breathing is always good. I take the time to think about a situation before I react and then I pray the serenity prayer. If there is something I just can't deal with and it effects my personal being then I usually don't be bothered. However, being a communications major, I have tools that I have learned that help me to cope with work related stressful situations. At that point, I try not to take it personal and just get the job done and remember what I am there for.
I enjoy challenge and I have tools in coping.
Yes. She was very stressful.
Yes, I am able to perform when faced with stressful environments or challenges. It pushes me to think on my feet and find solutions.
Yes, I have been in stressful situations before in the work place and I find that it is always best to remain calm and focus on priority situations first.
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