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How do you cope with stressful situations?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Addiction Counselor interview

How to Answer
The life of an addiction counselor can be stressful! Watching patients struggle can be painful and you may often feel under pressure. Dealing with family members and managing support groups can also be a lot to handle. Show the interviewer that you are capable of coping with stress by sharing the tools or strategies that help you stay calm.

"I have learned to stay relaxed and try not to react. I know what situations make me stressed, and I know how to respond. Typically if I am overwhelmed with too much work or a tight deadline, I prioritize tasks that need to get done each day. Ensuring that I use my time wisely and that I have realistic expectations, are very important keys to reducing my stress."
Entry Level
"If I'm facing a stressful situation I'll call in the reinforcements. I ask for help when appropriate to avoid situations from getting out of control."
"Stress is part of any demanding job and I embrace it to the fullest. I take good care of myself personally and prioritize my workload to maintain a healthy balance in my stress levels. As a counselor, it is especially important that I have a personal lifeline and maintain appropriate boundaries with my patients and their situations."

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How do you cope with stressful situations?
Yes I can remain calm and concise during a stressful event. I allow myself to debrief after the event.
Yes, I am able to cope with a stressful situation by implementing a variety of self-coping strategies and collaborating with tothers.
I able to cope with stressful situations.
Yes. I have survived the stress of multiple different life situations. I have had stressful jobs, stressful degrees, stressful health stuff in my family etc. I feel stress, but have learned to find ways of channelling it through me rather than letting it build up. I have developed skills from my activism work and from my social work background which have helped me to recognize my own personal signs of stress.
I believe that I am very capable of dealing with stressful situations.
Yes I am able to cope with stressful situations.
Yes. The fiel of addicitons is a stressful one in itself. But seeing just one succeeds make all the stress worth it.
Yes, I have been in stressful situations before in the work place and I find that it is always best to remain calm and focus on priority situations first.
Yes I have been in a variety of situations where quick decisive decisions must be made.
I believe in the importance of stress-reduction exercises, such as deep breathing, short physical exercise (running in place), and thought-stopping, which I would use to calm clients down. In addition, it might even be necessary to move them to different environments (from one room to another, or, if possible, from indoors to outdoors) in order to calm them down. Yes, I can cope with stressful situations.
Yes, The whole time I was attending college I also had a full time job which made life very stressful. However, I have great coping skills to deal with stress in a positive way.
Yes I am by being calm myself in situation like this I found to be most effective.
Yes, I have always been able to cope with stress and the times when I felt overwhelmed. I would utilize some stress management techniqes.
Yes I am emotionally stable.
Usually, I remain calm in stressful situations and focus on the issue at hand, afterwards, I take the time to process it and debrief.
Yes, I feel that my strength is to be able to set myself apart for the situation or complains of others.
Yes because patience is necessary to hold on all type of these stress.
Yes. I manage stress through deep-breathing, breaks inbetween stress, and debriefing. For example, my practicum sometimes had very stressful experiences with clients and co-workers. Before a situation that I anticipated might be stressful I took some time to deeply breath and reflect on my purpose, limitations, and my motivations for being there. After, I would find my supervisor and debrief with her and get some helpful feedback.
Yes. As a social worker I understand that stressful situations are a part of the job. I am ready for anything that is to come my way.
Yes. I am aware that in jobs such as these I will encounter stressful situations. It is important for me to manage this stress properly both at work and at home. Prioritizing is one way of coping with stressful situations. I also practice self-care when I am at home. I find this helps me deal with the stresses from work.
Yes, I work well under stress and deadlines.
Yes. I am able to stay calm and focused on resolving the situation at hand.
Yes, I've taken many courses and training to develop and improve my coping skills while working in an environment that can become stressful at times.
I am experience with working in stressful situations. In the field of mental health and substance abuse it is unpredictable and I have to be able to keep my cool and focus on how to manage the situations with cool and calm manner.
Stressful situations can be underlying in situations, but I am able to cope with stressful situations because having patience, understanding and the heart of caring gives me the ability to cope with the stress and help instead of letting the situations take control of me, I take control of the situations.
I am excellent at thinking critically and taking charge of difficult situations. I am able to effectively manage my stress and remain collected and in control during times of distress.
Yes, balancing life situations along with being a parent and working in call center, I have to set daily tasks to stay on track to prevent become overwhelm.
Taking care of myself eating healthy, t, writing in journal, socializing, exercise, accepting things that can not be changed.
I believe that I have made significant progress in managing stress in order to prevent burnout. However, I am always prepared to encounter new challenges and discover new ways to manage different stressful situations.
I worked in very high stress level work, with clients who have violent tendencies, for over 4 years. I can definitely handle high stress situations.
I can think clearly and focus.
Absolutely. I believe that I have an abundance of experience that allow me to cope with stressful situations.
Not only am I able to cope with stressful situations, I am able pause slow down and think critically in order to deal with every stressful situation I have been faced with.
As a student facilitator, I remember I had a student who was a cutter. I spoke to her after class, and I reassured her that I was there to support her. She explained her distress, and I also encouraged her to identify people who could be social support. Last, I encouraged her to talk to the school’s guidance counselor about her problems.
I believe I cope very well in stressful situations. I am able to handle them with grace and sometimes it pushes me to do better.
Absolutely. I manage my own stress well. I find that it helps calm others in crisis situations.
Yes, I am able to perform when faced with stressful environments or challenges. It pushes me to think on my feet and find solutions.
Yes I am confident making decisions under pressure. Some of my previous jobs were very stressful. Particulrly at crazy clarks and kfc, many customers come back very angry and ofetn times I was put in high stress postions. One shift at KFC the store was actually held up. Luckily everyone remained calm and everyone was ok.
I feel like I handle stress very well and appropriately. I have a good support system and I have different outlets that I can channel stress or energy into to deal with my own personal mental health.
I believe I am resilient and a quick learner. Everything is a lesson.
I believe that self care is an intergal part of every mental health workers ability to perform to the best of their abilities. Having appropriate self care and boundaries is also important to model for clients.
Yes. I deal in everyday life situations that causes stress and being a woman in general, our body chemistry is made to subdue stressful situations. As we age we learn how to adjust to each situation and options on how to resolve.
Yes. I deal with everyday life situations already, but as a woman I am built to handle things in a way to assess the situation as it comes. The key is to remain calm, so that you can assess the situation as quickly as possible.
I enjoy challenge and I have tools in coping.
Yes, I thrive when encountered with a challenge. I can keep myself calm and collected using various coping mechanisms.
I work well under pressure. When there are competing concerns, I am able to prioritize which allows me to efficiently handle the situations.
Yeh. I'm not shy to speak my mind and il always ask friends or mentors for advice if I need it.
Yes. She was very stressful.
I have open communication with my colleagues and peers. I also listen to music really loud on my way home so that I can't think through the noise.
Yes, I speak to my colleagues and peers. I will sometimes listen to loud music so that I can't hear myself think.
Yes, I am. I handle situations as they come and do not get ahead of myself.
Yes, I am. I handle situations as they come and do not get ahead of myself.
Yes for the most part. I often times keep in mind what the goal of the situation is if I feel overwhelmed.
Yes, very much so. I currently work in a stressful job and have learned ways to "distress." I've learned to step away from my work for a few minutes to clear my head. I've learned to multitask to make sure the job is done.
One day, One hour at a time. Breathing is always good. I take the time to think about a situation before I react and then I pray the serenity prayer. If there is something I just can't deal with and it effects my personal being then I usually don't be bothered. However, being a communications major, I have tools that I have learned that help me to cope with work related stressful situations. At that point, I try not to take it personal and just get the job done and remember what I am there for.
Yes. The field overall is a stressful one and I have had several types of stressful experiences within in. The key is proper self-care.
Yes, I have worked in a stressful job for several years and I cope well.
Yes. My past experience has provided me with proper tools for coping and working under pressure.
I am able to cope with stressful situations when they arise.
Yes by using professionalism self awareness and using support available eg colleagues supervision and self care.
Yes by thinking about the situation how to use problem solving skills telling myself everything will be okay whether it is at work or family.
If I know a stressful situation is about to occur I tend to get high or sometimes drink, I don't get drunk because I don't like the feeling, but the occasional time I do drink once I start I just don't stop its almost an accident.
Yes I keep calm, take deep breaths and self talk.
I am a very calm person and am not easily shaken.
Yes, I deal with those almost every time I go into my current work.
Yes, I always break situations down and prioritise what needs to be done first.
Yes, I have developed my own mindfulness practice that helps me cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and tolerance for stress, discomfort, ambiguity when it comes to my personal and professional life.
I have over seven year of experience in the Human service field. I have experienced many situation, as well as uncomfortable situations that may be uncomfortable to me.
Sometimes. I find it hard when I am tied to cope with life.
Yes. I trust my knowledge, experiences and intuition. I use the strategies I have learned in training . For example De escalating a upset client. Do not approach anyone who has a weapon. Direct eye contact one foot in front of the other and showing understanding of the others grievance.
Yes, I learn how to work round stressful situation by just staying focus on my work.
I feel I can process stressful situations by standing back for a second and applying a logical approach in dealing with the situation. For instance looking at the environment or deescalating a person in private .
Absolutely! As a recovering addict myself I've found myself in many stressful situations, each different in their own way. I always refer back to what I learned while I was in treatment myself, as well as what I have worked on and learned from my 12-Step sponsor.

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