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1. Why did you choose a profession as an activities director?
2. Describe your passion for helping senior citizens.
3. When have you had a problem with caregivers obstructing your activities? How did you work with them to ensure the residents were able to participate?
4. When have you had to adapt your activity planning to meet the needs of residents with a disability?
5. Do you have experience planning activities that tie into the local community?
6. Tell me about your experience supervising a staff before.
7. Do you have experience talking and comforting family members that will come to visit their loved ones?
8. Do you have experience with hiring and maintaining a staff?
9. How would your former staff and residents describe you?
10. How often did you try out new activities at your previous facility?
11. How would you encourage participation in activities among our residents?
12. Tell me about your experience as an activities director.
13. What was your most successful activity you had at your previous employer?
14. I am sure you have gotten the chance to research our facility. What activities do you feel are missing or you would like to implement?
15. What is the one responsibility as an activities director that you dislike performing?
16. What certifications do you have, and which do you still plan on obtaining?
17. This job requires you to be in good physical shape. Are you capable of standing and walking for extended periods of time?
18. Describe a few low-impact aerobic exercises you would like to implement at our facility.
19. What type of cognitive programs would you enjoy implementing at our facility?
20. What is one area about yourself, you believe you could improve upon to be a better activity director?