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Tell me about a time when you had a really bad day but had to perform that night. How did you get through it?
User Submitted Interview Answers
When I was on a show boyfriend dumped.
Well, I had a declamation contest to compete in, and 2 days before, I got sick. Like really, really sick. Cough, colds, fever. All of it. It was so annoying. Incredibly annoying because that was an important day! Who would want to get sick on an important day, right? Anyway, I still got my hair and make up done, and worked my butt off, and just tried to ignore all the dizziness I was feeling, and Praise God, cause I won.
My annual function day.. Haha opss.
Well yesterday, I had the flu and it was really bad but my understudy had it worse.
I was dumped on the day of our auditions and I had to preform in front of the school even though my heart was crushed.
I had three important tests to do in school and prep for an exam and by the end of the day, I was so tired and hungry and my mood had definitely deteriorated over the day and I still had to perform for a charity.
Well there was this one time where I found out that my test wasn't a good score I got a 75% I was upset but the show must go on no matter what!in the acting world you gotta put yourself second and acting first.
When I had muscle rupture and still gave my dance performance.
When my papa was not well by health.
It was pretty upsetting for me.. Because I had anniversary for someone I lost and I was getting overwhelmed so I had to do my best but I think I went well for it.
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